Freitag, 5. Juni 2015

Khador 2015, Part 08 - Victor revisited

Courtesy of L&L, everyone on the social media now has access to all the content of Reckoning (you can read that as kind of a criticism, I guess. 'Tis okay).

Since I'm not insane (quite yet. *cackle*), I will not deal with all of it in one go. Instead, we'll kinda split this up into three parts:

• Viktor Revisited
Berserkers in Arms
Lady e-to-the-m*****f****ing-Z

So, join me beyond the break for a comparison of my Viktor predictions with the actual crunch!
Oooh, this is the good bit. Let's break it down:• Siege Mortar: Fingers crossed for Arcing Fire.

Result: True. That would've been a real shame. 
• Large: Probably Pow 16.
Result: False. It's only Pow 15, which... doesn't matter that much, since you'll be rarely hitting directly. The Blast Damage stays at 8. :)
• Very long range: PPish for 14+ inches. My bet is 16", and I had to look up the Conquest's Rng to compare, actually.
Result: False. In a good way, however, since it's Rng 20". W-t-F...
• Inaccurate: Just what it says on the tin. The Victor will be firing at an effective RAT of 0 (zero) with this gun.
Result: True.
• 5" AoE: That's a serious boon over all the 4"ers we have already. Anything else would've been saaaad times.
Result: True. In all cases. This is good.
• Attack types: Crater, Flare, and Continous Effect: Fire. Guess we took a CoC Cipher and stole the ammo, which is good.

Result: True. Nailed it! The fire shot is called Incendiary, but that's just a detail. Another detail is that the shot actually gains the Damage Type: Fire, which means there is a selection of models you don't need to fire this at.
• The secondary guns look like machine guns, so they are probably single shot, no AoE, and probably no defensive tech like the Conquest has. But how do you like the prospect of RAT 4 non-AoEs? Right, me neither. So it'll be either a lot of shots, so *Strafe at worst (could come with covering fire, though), and Auto-Fire at best. My guess is RnG 10, RoF 1, Rapid Fire d3.Edit: What we do know is that they'll have a special rule hitherto not found on any model. That'll be... interesting... 
Result: Close. True on the Rng and RoF, but it's Auto-Fire d3. And Pow 12, which is anything but shabby. The special rule, Flak Fire, gives it an additional die against targets with Flight (so a number of Legion models, a number of Cryx models, and a few Circle models including eKrüger.) - which I think is Lulzworthy, but currently not relevant in any way. Until I gun down eKrüger or eAbby, and then it will be bonkers. ;) As a quick sidenote: Broadsides will still only ever get one shot out of these.

Other stuff that wasn't mentioned:
• Minimum Distance [6] - well, that was kinda to be expected, but it's a bummer nonetheless, because Victor cannot unjam himself. But a second one could. ;)
• Point Cost: 18 - that's aggressively costed. Sheesh. Technically, you could field a Harkevich list made out of 1x Conquest, and 2x Victors. Would it be good? I dunno, Gorten's 3x Earthbreaker had issues, but there's apparently a Harkevich list already featuring 2x Conquest, soooo... yeah. Nice.

Thoughts going forward:
   With most of my predictions being true, or close, I'm really looking forward to it. The amount of Board Control he can put out, especially when supported by a Gun Carriage, is rad. It'll probably fit very nicely in with most 'Casters. It'll be a great target for Strakhov's Sentry (or Lady pZ's Watcher), it loves Broadsides, and it could make a Sorscha1 MORTAR COMBAT!!! list viable again. Along the lines of this:

Sorscha Kratikoff -5
Viktor            18
Destroyer          9
Destroyer          9
WG Death Star     11
WG Mortar          3
WG Mortar          3
Kovnik Joe         2

There is certainly a bunch of wiggle room there - except for the Arcing fire models. The battle plan is simple - tag the enemy 'Caster with her feat, and blow him to smithereens. Could work nicely in Hardcore, too.

But that's currently all I can say.
Until next time, farewell.