Sonntag, 7. Juni 2015

Khador 2015, Part 10 - Lady E-to-the-m*****f***ing-Z

Third day of Lock & Load, third article in the series "Stuff Khadorans get for Christmas". As before, I'll only cover a single type of item per article to keep it clean, and this has thusly resulted in these three:

Victor revisited
Berserkers in Arms
• Lady E-to-the-m*****f***ing-Z

So join me as we look at the spoiled Zerkova2, do a little silly comparison to her first self, evaluate that, think about shit she can get done, her theme force as well as other lists and "drop targets" for her.
Obavnik Kommander Zerkova
 6   5   6   5   15  15  9   7  +4   16

Feat: Arcane Convergence
Each friendly Faction model currently in Zerkova's control area can immediately cast one spell without spending Focus, performing a special action, or performing a special attack.

Banishing Ward (see Zerkova1)
Dissolution Bolt (see Lucant)
Hoarfrost (see Vayl1)
Occult Whispers (Cost 3, RNG Self, AOE CTRL, Upkeep: No. While in this model's control area, friendly Faction models gain an additional die on their magic attack rolls this turn)
Sacrificial Lamb (see The High Reclaimer)
Telgesh Mark (see Fiona the Black)

Orgoth Blade [Melee]: P+S 12, Magical, Blessed

Special Rules:
Greylord (This model is a Greylord model); Immunity: Cold; Inspiration [Greylord] (Friendly Greylord models/units in this models command range never flee and immediately rally); Officer; Sacred Ward; Self-Sacrifice (See Krielstone Bearer & Scribes); Warcaster Unit

Reaver Guard
 6   7   7   4   13  15  7   5

Fell Axe [Melee]: P+S 12, Reach, Magical, Weapon Master

Special Rules:
Abomination; Doom Reaver (This model is a Doom Reaver model); Berserk; Counter Charge; Fearless; Sacred Ward; Silence

   So... how does she compare to her former self? Obviously, she has lost a lot of rules - but is that really true? I don't think so, but she's at least as much of a revamp as she is an entirely new thing. Lady pZ is a control 'Caster with next to every rule, Lady eZ is as much of an attrition 'Caster. Assassination wise they different, but about equal. eZ is more obvious regarding her role, her spells, and her feat as well. However, some of the old things are still there:
• Watcher turned into counter-charging Weaponmaster, Reach, bodyguards with Berserk (w ho, surprisingly, are only P&S 12, which less than regular Doom Reavers)
• The Ghost Stone and Lense of Tarvodh turned into Telgesh Mark
   I'll now say that I was right in my assessment that Lady eZ would be on the power level of Vengeance, and not Reckoning, before I forget to do so later.
   I also love that her two incarnations are so blatantly different, because that means they have different roles and probably different targets, and thusly can be paired quite well with each other. With an nod to the tricks she can do (which we'll go into next), I guess it will mean to build Lady pZ as the one with more ARM cracking potential (and I think that can be done). I do, however, miss Icy Grip.

Okay, now for a non-exhaustive list of stunts she can pull off courtesy of her feat:
• Since the feat says w/o spending focus, performing a special action or special attack, it does get around effects that prohibit these (like pZ's feat), but not effects that prohibit spellcasting in general (like Sevvy1's feat)
• The models with magic abilities within Khador as a whole amount to: Greylord Ternion, Greylord Outriders, Koldun Lord, the Greylord Escort and Koldun Kapitan Valachev. As for Mercs attachable to Valachev, there are Alexia Ciannor and the Risen, the TAC, and Lady Aiyana & Master Holt. All of these would benefit from eZ's feat as well as Occult Whispers.
• The feat does effect eZ herself, so you get a free spell, which will, in my current opinion, boil down to Hoarfrost because: B.Ward and Telgesh Mark are upkeeps and should already be running, Sac Lamb costs only 1 and would be a waste, and you will have cast Occult Whispers (which was changed to cost 3 instead of 2 from the spoilers) already to benefit from it the most, and in a direct comparison where Cost is not a factor, Hoarfrost wins against Dissolution bolt (generally speaking).
• You could run Outriders for 18" and then spray sth you really want dead. However, it'll be a lot wiser and more effective to have them move, spray stuff, light cav into a position where they can kill more, and then have them spray again via feat. Or finagle sth with Winter's wind.
• Similar things go for Ternions, just that they also have Ice Cages to throw around, which could amount to two stationary targets per unit (assuming beneficial circumstances), or a clouded min unit per unit, or a combination of both.
• The Escort will be easiest to use with the feat, since the Doom Reavers are likely to go first, and he'll have to run anyways, so he gets the chance to position himself for an effective later spray.
• The Koldun Lord could Power Booster two 'Jacks - and both before eZ casts SacLamb later on, amounting to two free points of focus. Or throw Ice Cages/Frostbites into the mix.
Valachev probably turns into a frikking magic hat with the feat, courtesy of Zephyr, and making his unit in-faction. Zephyr alone means that the unit gets 6" of placement. You could charge his unit with eZ, feat, and Val can Zephyr them out of harm's way before any attack is rolled.With Alexia, she could craft two Thralls (after a walk&Zephyr move,with a Zephyr afterwards to GTFO). Aiyana could Harm two targets, or Harm one and keep herself safer (double Magic Weapons appears redundant in such a list). The TAC - which is my current favourite - could throw six fireballs, or lay down six clouds, as in: they move up, spaced out, Zephyr forward, put down a cloud to each's right, and on the feat, put down a cloud to each's left, and Zephyr back behind those clouds. That might actually be a suitable bunker for eZ to stand behind on feat turn.
• Then there's the old PoM trick - charge 'Casters at a model, and before the attack, cast SacLamb removing the charged model.
With her feat, eZ can pump out three Hoarfrosts/four Dissolution Bolts (with one focus left for boosting, or none if you upkeep Telgesh Mark) or Occult Whispers and then two/three (with one/no focus left to boost), which can be a rather serious threat.
• Speaking of Hoarfrost, if you want to stationary a target that is spell warded, but doesn't have reach (and even if), just run a friendly up next to it, cast OccWhispers and launch a Hoarfrost at it, since models in the AoE become stationary on a crit (which becomes quite reliable with a potential four dice).
With all this in mind, I'd run this as my initial/general list (I guess):

Obavnik Kommander Zerkova -4
& Reaver Guards             
> Spriggan                10
Doom Reavers               6
w/ Greylord Escort         2
Greylord Ternion           4
Greylord Outriders (max)   9
Press Gangers (max)        6
Tactical Arsonist Corps    4
w/ Koldun Kapitan Valachev 2
Koldun Lord                2
> Rager                    6
Eiryss, A.o.R.             3

   Eiryss is one of the best Telgesh Mark targets - though anything with AD and Stealth might qualify (hmm... Manhunters? They're ARM 14...). The list lacks proper SacLamb targets, but with only the Spriggan being in the BG, that's not an issue. I chose the Spriggan because he can double up as a Telgesh mark target later on (because Eiryss is going to bite the dust), and he can remove Stealth from the target which eZ wants to nuke. Rager is included because Rager is TEH HOT SHITZ. The only thing: No attachment. I don't think she wants Sylys as badly (because Arcane Secrets is skornergistic with the way her feat tends to go, she's likely casting spells through the 'Node), even though she's more strapped for focus than pZ and would really like the free upkeep. But I think she can do without.
Speaking of lists... here's her theme force:

Theme List: Winter's WindAllowed:
Warjacks - Khador non-character warjacks
Units - Doom Reaver units, Greylord units, Winter Guard units
Solos - Doom Reaver solos, Greylord solos

Requirements: Only include listed models
Bonus: Army can include up to one Mercenary unit if the unit includes Koldun Kapitan Valachev.

Requirements: Army includes 2+ Greylord units.
Bonus: For each Greylord unit, one warjack gains Advanced Move.

Requirements: Army includes Koldun Kapitan Valachev, and his unit includes at least one other model with Magic Ability.
Bonus: You gain +1 on your starting roll for the game.

Requirements: Army includes 2+ warjacks.
Bonus: For every 2 warjacks in the army, add one Koldun Lord solo free of cost. This solo does not count towards FA restrictions.

   Well... that's a good theme force. Not EE/B&S/other idiocy levels good, but good, right where it should be. Notice, for example, the lack of proper Telgesh Mark targets (unless you want to slap it onto the Outriders, which can be ok, I figure). Or ARM cracking beyond the Jacks and Doom Reavers (which isn't her big shtick anyway). What really makes this roll is the ability to include any of the (currently) three Merc units I named above, and free Koldun lords are also nice. The advance move on the Warjacks is great and kinda begs for clams. If I were to play that theme force - and I know I will - I'd probably roll with it this way:

"Spray Control"
Obavnik Kommander Zerkova -4
& Reaver Guard              
> Devastator               9
> Rager                    6
Doom Reavers               6
w/ Greylord Escort         2
Greylord Outriders (max)   9
Greylord Ternion           4
Alexia Ciannor & the Risen 5
w/ Koldun Kapitan Valachev 2
Winterguard Infantry (max) 6
w/ Rocketeer *3            3
w/ Officer & Standart      2
Koldun Lord                0

I think the presence of the WGIDS really warrants Alexia. I also think this may not be the best list set-up, but it's the one I can manage, and it's pretty allround-ish. Currently in favour though is the 3x Ternion set-up... I'm not totally sold on that, but we'll see. It's a little sad that this list tops out at P&S 16, but on the other hand, it should take models off the boards like noone's business.

But time will tell on that, fore sure.
For now, expect us to talk about all of these new things on the next Murder of Crows, and until then, farewell.