Montag, 21. Juli 2014

Khador 2014 - Part 08: Three Dark Riders

PG_ The Captain did it.

At the very least, he made me do it.

Seriously, you can't just go and drop a phrase like "I'll play Harkevich, Zerkova and Strakhov as my three masters 'Casters" in front of a Hark'/Lady Z fanboi (i.e.: me), and not expect anything to happen. So I got in touch with him to inquire about details, which he shared with me (kindly enough, thanks a lot!), and in this post I'll jabber at length elaborate on my take on that particular line-up. I'll talk about the preliminary lists, their roles/opponents I'd use them against.

But we'll do that after the break.
"You and whose army?" Preliminary lists:

The Black Rider (Cuz beard):
Izak Harkevich, the Iron Wolf -5
- Black Ivan                   9
- Spriggan                     9
- Destroyer                    8
- Juggernaut                   7
- Juggernaut                   7
Battle Mechaniks (min)         2
w/ Battle Mechanik Officer     2
Winterguard Fieldgun Crew      2
Winterguard Mortar Crew        3
MoW Drakhun (w/o dismount)     4
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich       2

This is obviously the Harkevich list I've been talking about and sporting as of this year, and which scored me my first Harkevich win. The Destroyer is still up for debate, I like the 14" arcing fire, but a Grolar is awesome, new, and the same points, and a minimum unit of MoW Demolition Corps would free up two points (for two of these three: War Dog, Drakhun Dismount, 2nd Mortar). Those points, though, could be gotten by ditching the BM Officer. Or I could do both for a max unit of DemoCorps and one of the 1-pt options mentionied above.

The White Rider (Cuz furry hat):
Koldun Kommander Alexandra Zerkova -6
- Spriggan                         10
Assault Kommandos (min)             5
w/ Assault Kommando Flamethrower*3  3
Doom Reavers                        6
w/ Greylord Escort                  2
Press Gangers (max)                 6
Winterguard Riflecorps (max)        9
Alexia Ciannor & the Risen          5
Orin Midwinter                      2
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator        1
Sylys Wyshnallyr, the Seeker        2

This is a "improved" version of my Zerkova list from the ClogCon masters - the most important change being the inclusion of Alexia Ciannor and the Risen for reasons stated below. It includes most of the denial tech and board control I could find. Five points are still floating around... I might swip-swap the Battlegroup to include two 'Jacks, but at this point, I'm open for suggestions, leave them in the comments. Though a MoW-Drakhun (w/ dismount) or Kayazy Eliminators + 2pt Solo (Ragman) also sound good, as does cutting a Flamer and putting Greylord Outriders in.

The Red Rider (Cuz Bombs?):
Kommander Oleg Strakhov -6
- Behemoth              13
Assault Kommandos (min)  5
w/ Flamethrower*2        2
Greylord Outriders (min) 6
Kayazy Eliminators       3
Kayazy Eliminators       3
Widowmakers              4
Aiyana & Holt            4
War Dog                  1
Widowmaker Marksman      2
Kovnik Andrej Malakov    3
- Spriggan              10

This is a preliminary version which looks the way it does because I don't have my Conquest assembled (yet).  The inclusion of Behemoth is directly connected to my last Khador 2014 article, and I'm very hopeful regarding its performance. If I had a second Spriggan, I'd use that and gear it towards assassination, but it may already be sufficiently leaning in that direction. The Spriggan on Malakov threats 15", which should be enough, and the Behemoth can go 19.5"... I figure those are sufficient options. I could switch them between the two 'Casters, but I'm not sold on that being a good idea. If Superiority was so good, an Occulated Behemoth is some serious LOLz. I'll need to play that list to find it's groove though... the lack of Vanilla Pikemen and Defensive Formation is troubling to me.

"I choose you!" - Roles&Opponents:

Harkevich: Obvious armour skew, thusly good against more "generalist" lists, and the two Juggers may give it the edge against other armour skews. Should do well in zone scenarios, because it's got the power to overwhelm one zone and stall the other if there's two, and if there's only one... you know where this is going.

Zerkova: Obvious Cryx drop is obvious, isn't it? (Corrosion immunity, sprays, RFP, Alexia) It's also decidely infantry-spammy. It does not like seeing 'Jack/'Beast-based gunlines, but infantry based ones hate it with a passion. Should be careful with the Kill Box.

Strakhov: Semi-obvious Anti-Fire/Corrosion build (does not have Torch, then it would be obvious) with Arm cracking and Assassination threat. Certain Protectorate/Cryx/Legion lists will hurl into their breakfast, and it will feel good. Prefers Killbox scenarios.

General Opponents:
   This is a difficult segment given the circumstance that every faction can build a lot of different lists, so view this more as a "gut-reaction" type of answer. The exact choice will obviously depend on the exact lists I face. "Any, I guess" could also read "When in doubt, Harkevich".

Circle: Harkevich. I should be able to engineer favourable trades, the sturdy 'Jacks demand the use of a Gorax, and also because of the great amount of Pathfinder.
Cygnar: Harkevich or Zerkova
Convergence: Harkevich or Strakhov
Cryx: Zerkova or Strakhov
Khador: Zerkova or Strakhov
Legion: Harkevich or Strakhov
Mercenaries: Zerkova or Strakhov
Minions: Any, I guess
Protectorate: Zerkova or Strakhov
Retribution: Any, I guess
Skorne: Zerkova or Strakhov
Trollbloods: Any, I guess

Specific Opponents:
Haley2: Harkevich or Zerkova. Hark can negate Telekinesis-arounds with Jump Starts, and get Bombard shots in on her regardless of when he goes with Broadsides. He also has enough heavies to bring down two Stormwalls, in theory. If Lady Z is caught by the feat, she can Walk+Lense+Sylys a Razorwind into Haley. If she isn't, she can charge a conveniently placed model for the same effect.
Caine2: Harkevich - he's probably the only one that could tank through that assassination.
Asphyxious2: Strakhov or Zerkova. Strakhov's AK's work against biles, his personal defense is high, and his feat gives pathfinder to get around Hellbound. Zerkova sports banishing ward, giving her three units that gives a rat's ass about excarnate (Doomies, AKs, and whatever you place it on). Her feat "negates" his (or rather: blocks it off).
Lucant: With Prime Axiom: Strakhov; w/o: Strakhov or Harkevich. Zerkova probably ain't punchy enough, though her feat just says NO to shieldwall. Strakhov doesn't really rely on shooting, Harkevich has two Juggernauts, and with his Field Marshal he could leverage any rough terrain to his advantage.
Iron Mother: Zerkova. Banishing ward simply denies the Backlash option.
Morvahna2: Probably Zerkova. As mentioned under Haley2, she can jump out and touch 'Casters (or single models) inappropriately when they're vulnerable. The Press Gangers' RFP would also help.
Butcher3: Zerkova. The feat allows BDIFP to do jack sh*t, Alexia outrights stops the assassination when close enough to Zerkova, as does Orin. It'll probably be a scenario game, nonetheless.
Feora(any): Strakhov. He has Fire immunity and magic guns on a stick, as well as Occultation against Errant crossbow shots.
Vayl2: If theme force, Strakhov, especially if it's one of those that doesn't have Boltthrowers and thusly all its shooting is fire-based (towards that end, Torch would be hilarious. Maybe on Andrej? We'll see). If not... Strakhov or Harkevich.

That's about all and everyone I can think of for know.
Thusly, until next time, farewell!