Dienstag, 8. Juli 2014

Seizing Command 08 - Cygnar v. Protectorate Game Report

So, since the first report's format worked quite well, here's another one for you!

This time, I got to play Arides (who chose Cygnar) and I went with Protectorate (I know I complained about not being able to play Khador, but I somehow feel the need to play PoM in HC - even though it feels like playing Hard Mode).

Casters selected were: Siege Brisbane, Cpt. Haley, Constance Blaize for Arides, and High Reclaimer, Servath Reznik, and Vindictus for me.

Blow by blow report after the break, but just before we go there: If you have any comments, leave them!
Initial Locations: Highgate, Corvis

Cygnar goes first.

Winds of War: Requisition
PUR - Caspian Orders
PUR - Trencher Scattergunner Crew
PUR - Devout
PUR - Wracked Heretics
PUR - Reckoner
PUR - Chained Vassal Arcanists

Winds of War: Fresh Recruits
PUR - Battle Hardened
PUR - Defender
PUR - Paladin of the Wall
PUR - Paladin of the Wall
(Draw Step: a Support of the Faithful goes into Occupying Forces)

Winds of War: Coal Shipment
PUR - Avenger
RSH - Trencher Heavy Artillery Team (to Corvis)
PUR - Arcane Tempest Gun Mages
PUR - Guardian
PUR - Daughters of the Flame
PUR - Devout

Winds of War: Requisition
RSH - Trencher Commando Team (to Corvis)
PUR - Avenger
(Draw Step: a Noble's Backing goes into Occupying Forces)
PUR - Forging the Faithful
DEP - Wracked Heretics (to Corvis)
DEP - Paladin of the Wall (to Corvis)
RSH - Servath Reznik (to Corvis)
(Draw Step: a Support of the Faithful goes into Occupying Forces)
Battle/Corvis - Since I suck at math and HC rules, the Wracks, Paladin, and just the Heavy Artillery are destroyed.

Winds of War: Arrayed for Battle
RSH - Centurion (to Corvis)
RSH - Squire (to Corvis)
RSH - High Reclaimer (to Corvis. Brings a Paladin of the Wall along)
RSH - Devout
Battle/Corvis - Since the Paladin is "moved", not deployed or rushed, we figure he gets to contribute his power, so the Devout, Centurion and Squire are destroyed.

End of Early phase VP tally - 8:6

Winds of War: Inclement Weather
RSH - Minuteman (to Highgate)
RSH - Journeyman Warcaster (to Highgate)
Battle/Corvis - since I destroyed all other cards here, the Commando's ability kicks in, and the Paladin gets gutted (quite violently, I might add).
PUR - Knights Exemplar Phalanx
RSH - Dervish (to Highgate)
Battle/Highgate - With two targets, the Dervish gets +1 Power, and takes out the Minuteman, but is taken out in return.

Winds of War: Escalation
PUR - Reassignment
RSH - Hunter (to Highgate)
DEP - Daughters of the Flame (to Highgate)
RSH - Reckoner (to Corvis)
Battle/Highgate - Daughters gut the Journeyman. Poor sod.
Battle/ Corvis - Trencher Commandos bite it.

Winds of War: Coal Shipment
DEP - Defender (to Highgate)
DEP - Squire (to Highgate)
Battle/Highgate - the Daughters and the Squire kick the bucket.
DEP - Guardian (to Highgate)
DEP - Reckoner (to Highgate)
Battle/Highgate - the Hunter and Guardian are scrapped.

Winds of War: Escalation
PUR - Rail Shipment
DEP - Trencher Heavy Artillery Team (to Highgate)
PUR - Trencher Commando Team
Battle/Highgate - nobody dies.
RSH - Exemplars Errant Vanguard (to Highgate)
DEP - Dervish (to Highgate)
(Draw Step: a Paladin goes into Occupying Forces)
Battle/Highgate - Heavy Artillery and Reckoner are destroyed.

Winds of War: Fresh Recruits
DEP - Centurion (to Highgate)
RSH - Haley (to Highgate)
Battle/Highgate - my stuff all dies. ;)
DEP - Devout (to Highgate)
RSH - Vindictus (to Highgate)
DEP - Devout (to Corvis)
Battle/Highgate - Vindictus lowers the Centurion's health. Centurion and Devout are destroyed.

VP tally at the end of the Mid phase - 13:10

Winds of War: Final Offensive
DEP - Trencher Commando Team (to Corvis)
RSH - Arcane Tempest Gunmages (to Highgate)
DEP - Hunter (to Highgate)
RSH - Constance Blaize (to Corvis)
Battle/Corvis - the Reckoner is destroyed.
DEP - Devout (to Highgate)
DEP - Knights Exemplar Phalanx (to Highgate)
DEP - Wracked Heretics (to Highgate)
Battle/Corvis - nothing dies.
Battle/Highgate - the Devout and the Hunter are wrecked.

Winds of War: Desperate Measures
DEP - Arcane Tempest Gunmages (to Highgate)
RSH - Centurion (to Highgate)
Battle/Highgate - Wracks and Knights Exemplar are killed.
Battle/Corvis - nothing dies.
DEP - Daughters of the Flame (to Corvis) [fuck Highgate, I'm outta that particular mess.]
(Draw Step: I bank four cards)
Battle/Corvis - Commandos get gutted by Daughters.

Winds of War: Final Offensive
Highgate is captured! (ATGM *2, Centurion, Defender go into Occupying Forces. New Location: Midfast)
PUR - Caspian Orders
PUR - Stormblade Platoon
Corvis is captured! (Devout goes into Occupying Forces, Daughters go into Army Deck. New Location: Point Bourne)
DEP - Chained Vassal Arcanists (to Midfast)
DEP - Guardian (to Midfast)
PUR - Guardian
PUR - Hymn of Passage
(Draw Step: Devout goes into Occupying Forces)

Winds of War: Day of Reckoning
Midfast is captured!

VP tally at the end of the game - 22:22!

So unless there's a secondary tiebreaker in "locations captured", this is a draw, but I think there is. ;)
Thanks for reading, and 'till next time, farewell!