Montag, 26. Mai 2014

Compromised by an imperial spy 01 - Cantina Games V

That is a reference to a very old X-Wing computer game right there. Right from the non-"Tour of Duty"-mission, the one where you get to fly a prototype B-Wing.

However, this is not about X-Wing. (Yet, I fear, but it's a very small fear as long as I have Bleeped Up Productions supplying me with X-Wing batreps. ;)) This is about me playing Cygnar.

Or rather, trying to play Cygnar. I've been playing Khador most of the time, and I bet that'll show through a freaking lot. My reasoning behind doing this is as follows - on June 28th, Bonn's Cantina Games V is going to happen. WM/H will both have a Team Tournament and a Rookie Tournament. I was hoping to get a team together, but that didn't pan out, so I opted to participate in the Rookie Tournament.

Now, having played in a Masters Event (even though by sheer luck) would usually DQ me from this, but since I'm going to roll outside of my main faction, I'm still in. And after the break, I'll let you in on the lists I've "developed" so far.
   Going into list building, I only knew one thing beforehand - I wanted to play Nemo3 (N3mo, El Nemo), because he carries an unlicensed proton accelerator on his back. As for the second 'Caster, I wanted somebody with a denial feat (to kinda mirror Zerkova) and came across... Haley2 (eHaley, the filth, etc). I know there's a special place in hell for people that play Epic Haley, but I couldn't really help it. It's not a finite decision, but her feat is the most denial off all the denial-ish the faction has (Stryker 1, Darius, Constance).
If I wanted to mirror my preferred Set-up of Hark' and Lady Z, I would go Darius & eHaley, but my desire to play N3mo was bigger than that.

List 1:
Nemo & Finch         -3
> Stormclad          10
> Hunter              6
Stormblades           5
w/ Stormgunners*3     3
Tempest Blazers (min) 6
Journeyman Warcaster  3
Stormblade Captain    2
Stormcaller           1
Stormcaller           1
Reinholdt, Gobber...  1

What's better than one Rng CTRL shot? Two! Aside from the 'Jack loadout, the Blazers, Reinholdt and Stormcallers to fill, this list is still quite open and will likely see change. Journeyman is there for Arcane Shield on the Stormblades, but with some points tweakage, I could get a full unit of Stormguard in the Stormblades place (sadly, Arides has no Silverline Stormguard yet). The Hunter is in the for the mad trickery - you do know that Extended CTRL doubles a Caster CTRL for purposes of checking whether the 'Jack is in. Turns out, this applies to the gun, too. I'll have to test it, but I'm more than willing to sacrifice a 6pt light if a Run with Parry will get it closer to the enemy 'caster than other models, and allows me to shoot it over a swarm of small bases, just to pound that Caster with two 4d6 POW 10's (feat+boost). If he's a squishy, that should be game right there, and then. (also, the scenario round 1 will be Close Quarters - i.e. Kill Box!)

List 2:
Major Haley         -5
> Defender           9
> Lancer             6
Sword Knights (max)  6
w/ Unit Attachment   2
> Hunter             6
> Hunter             6
Journeyman Warcaster 3
Anastasia di Bray    2

   Now this is really non-standard, I know. But just think about it - those Hunter can, between TK, Pronto, Walking and 14" range, pound frontline heavies from the top of Round freaking one! Yes, the enemy frontline troops could reach them by running - but they've got parry. And there's a bonded Defender following up. Yes, Protectorate is a thing, but if I go first and tag a 'Jack, the Choir won't help him then, and it's only one player. Oh yeah, and he just went second against eHaley. To that end, I figure Anastasia's bonus to the roll-off will be very important.
   Also, Sword Knights with Arcane Shield, in Defensive Line and under the effect of Deceleration are DEF 15, ARM 21 against ranged attacks, which I figure is very good, and that's before considering Flank. Due to the set-up, this list is much more fixed than the other (the only variable being the Journeyman and possibly Lancer, I guess). I could build this a more classic way, but I like throwing my opponents a wrench when they see eHaley and have sth specific already in mind, and then face sth different. (also, Arides does not have Stormlances...) Headology, gentlemen.

So, those are the two lists as they start out - I'd really appreciate any comments, tips, and improvement suggestions. Oh, and to answer one question ahead of time ("Y U NO STORMWALL?") - this ain't my army I'm fielding, and I wouldn't want to risk any damage to that particular model due to me mishandling it.

'Til next time, farewell!