Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Vladimir Tzepesci Xp2's feat leaked?

The Khador board is abuzz with a single rumor about legendary Vladimir's feat, and part of his spell list. So apparently, he got Infernal Machine - some find it bewildering that he got a spell originally belonging to Cryx. I find it strange that I never heard Sturm (Watcher), Naaresh/Borka/Barnabas (Iron Flesh), Constance (Transference), Xerxis (Inhospitable Ground) or their respective Factions wondering about these spells. If you read it as "single jack buff with SPD and MAT bonus and Terror", it's easy to be seen. I'm actually grateful it's not another Superiority Caster. Nice change in flavour.

Oh, the feat, I almost forgot:
Charge of the Horse Lords
While in Vladimirʼs control area, friendly Faction warjacks and cavalry models gain Side Step and Sprint. Charge of the Horse Lords lasts for one turn. (When a model with Side Step hits an enemy model with an initial melee attack or a non-power attack special attack, after the attack is resolved it can advance 2˝. A model with Side Step cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement.) (At the end of its activation, if it destroyed one or more enemy models with melee attacks during its activation, a model with Sprint can make a full advance.)

I mean, currently we're all treating this as real, but who knows, right? Might be a hoax. But I think it's at least an educated guess. And the possibilities are... good. Especially with the Solos (Fenris and Markov) and the Gun Carriage, but Uhlans will be happy too, not having to stick around in combat. The warjack part is kinda fancy, too. I'd be most happy about another in-faction cavalry unit though, but I guess that'll have to wait.

Grrrr. I guess this'll make me buy Fenris...