Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

Fear & Loathing in the 2060's - Shadowrun P&P #02

Here's a quick update since the last post. After my player managed finding the missing person in Prague, they also took a job that led them to New Monaco, and then one where they infiltrated a Royal Dutch Corp. facility bordering the United Netherland's wasteland.

The cast of shadows was:
DaSilva, the Orc Streetsam
Wheelz, the Norm Combat Rigger
Lazarus, the Elf Shaman
Rouge, the Elf Sniper

The Mission assigned to them by (most likely) Mitsuhama: Infiltrate the facility according to plan, grab an important scientist willing to defect, his data, and get out. And things were going smoothly until they reached the scientist, who, however, revealed to them that they were late - the data & stuff had been relocated earlier, he was no longer in charge of the project, and thusly, he wasn't exactly willing to defect anymore. They do manage to convince to leave at any rate, when additional disaster strikes.
Another team in the facility blew up the facility's IT central, causing alarm, which led to plan rearrangements - forget the "disguised escape by Hovercraft", here's "get to the underground train station - and hoof it!". They do, but there are complications, which they overcome.

The run's total real estate damage:
- a blown-up IT Central (not their fault)
- a blown-up Pumping Station and subsequent underground flooding (not their fault)
- a wrecked train and train station wrecked by said train's impact
- another derailed train and damaged train station

Happiness ensued. I had modified the original run to please the Streetsam, because my runs are mostly stealth-focused. It's not that he can't or won't, but every dog wants a bone once in a while. ;)