Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

The knight in coal-stained armour

Enter the Spriggan. It's Khador's most expensive non-Character Warjack. It's like the amalgamation of Knight with lance and shield, his horse, and warjack, all riveted together by pure awesomeness.

Okay, let's get a little more technical.

- Devastator chassis plus shield mean: highest unmodified ARM among warjacks, excelled only by the Behemoth. Like any Khador heavy, he can take serious punishment.
- Extreme weapons loadout: Warlance, Combat Shield, and two grenade launchers which are not located in a system. Additionally, it has two types of grenades, anti-stealth flares and regular explosives.
- Reach makes it (currently) unique among the non-character jacks. The Warlance also has Powerful Charge, making him highly accurate on the charge attack.
- Bulldoze: He can push enemies directly away from him.
- Focus efficient: can use the full loadout, but runs good on less.
- Cool looks(<have no gaming impact, but: Spikes! A manly weapon!)

- On it's own, slow.
- Even though he has the grenade launchers, he's not a dedicated ranged jack (Then again, Khador had no real ones before Black Ivan hit. All other jacks with ranged weapons are Rat 4.)

What Casters can he be used with for good effect?
Especially everyone who can increase SPD. To mind come Strakhov (Superiority & Feat), Irusk Xp (Energizer & Tactical Supremacy), Irusk (Superiority), Vlad (Feat), Butcher Xp (Conferred Rage), and as a most recent addition, Harkevich (Escort). Also everyone with a battlegroup ability, but that works wonders on all jacks. The reach lance is a big sales point for everybody. The combination of Bulldoze, Reach, and the option to remove stealth have proven invaluable for most of our casters over the years.

What makes the Spriggan distinctly rock is Bulldoze - or rather the combination of its weapon loadout and bulldoze. The Devastator has it, too, but you're likely leaving him closed. The Spriggan is designed to take the fight to them. What Bulldoze says is that, if the Spriggan moves B2B with an enemy model, it can be pushed back up to 2" directly away from the Spriggan. Note the lack of size references here, so yes, the Spriggan can go bowling on enemy jacks.

A special mention go to Vladimir Xp and his assail upkeep. Why? Because the Spriggan only needs 1" of distance to slam (or charge, for that matter). So, if you find yourself between 1" and 2" away from an enemy target, declare a slam. Move up to the enemy, 'doze him away, move the remaining distance and there-we-go. You moved 3+" and get to slam for d6+2, because Bulldoze does not interrupt movement.

For everyone else, he already operates great at the low investment of 1 or 2 focus, either running or charging and boosting damage/buying attacks. With powerful charge, there is rarely the necessity to boost the attack, making him a solid choice even for "focus-strapped" casters and a good friend of the Koldun Lord.

The grenades also operate well even with 0-2 focus, and are great when targets are selected wisely. Prime targets are everyone with armour equal to or less than an Ordic prosti.... courtisan. So, Kayazy, Widowmakers, Kossites, Mechanitralls, Satyxis Raiders, Revenants, ATGM, Long Gunners, Rangers, Zealots, Daughters, Choir (to name three things from the Big 4) have serious business against those grenades.
While not an outstanding ranged Jack, when aiming (OMG!) and boosting to hit, DEF 16 is worth a shot, and the boosted damage should take that solo out. Or just fire two grenades and boost against critical targets.
Never disregard this ranged option, especially with it's second ammo: The flare. It lights things up. Stealth gets lost while in the AoE, and it's not fired but placed, making it possible for the rest of your army to ignore it and cloud effects when firing at something in the AoE. Synergizes greatly with long-ranged firepower, and easily spells doom to models relying on stealth for protection.

In short: The Spriggan is well worth it's points. You should not worry about "earning them back", if he wins you the game, then he just did. His reach lance and bulldoze are two abilities which make him completely worth it with any caster.