Sonntag, 20. November 2016

Big and slow?

...or how it took over four year to finish one model.

Hi there everyone, Arides here with a mayor update on one of my oldest huge-based (120mm) model painting projects.

I hereby announce that on Thursday November 17th 2016...

I finialised my Stormwall!

Wait I feel thoughts coming up: "What is he making such a fuss about a painted Colossal? I painted my Gargossal in roughly seven days."
For all of you out there who think they paint slow here is something to think about:

I bought my SW when it hit the shelves in Europe back in 2012, went totally crazy and screwed (I used real screws) together like a week or two later. So far nothing out of the ordinary.
I started painting almost immidiately and finished the SW Body by April 2013 and brought it along to the ClogCon. There I realized an (for me) amazing way to both store the Lightningpods (which were about 2/3 done at the time) and keep me from forgetting to deploy them. Thankfully the base was still a blank piece of plastic.
By May 2013 I had the base design figured out, cut from polystyrene and ready to be finished but could not find the right material I wanted to use for the surface texture... and boy inspiration sure took iths time.
Some time mid 2015 I finally found it in the form of tileglue.

Aaaaand last week I joined some fellow tabletopnuts for a Terrain-Build-Weekend and finally covered the (almost) untreated polystyrene on the bases with a nice coat of woodglue, water and tileglue for texture and had it painted a day later. All which was left was painting up the Lightningpods... and this was done last Thursday during our monthly Paint+Build Night.

So acording to the timeframe given by pictures on my harddrive the whole thing took me about:

4 years, one month and two days. In this time I also finished my job training and moved to a new apartment twice.

So if you ever feel you take too long for a miniature remember:

My Forgeguard is still not finished and I bought them when they were released back in Mk.1

until next time,

For Crown and Swansong