Samstag, 24. September 2016

The state of Research...

...or: What if it's the WTC and I couldn't care less?

Seriously, I can't be bothered this year. Faithful readers of this blog might have already wondered why there's absolutely no coverage of the WTC (like there was last year), or of Warmachine at any rate.
The answer is: Since ClogCon '15, I only touched my models to put them into cases, and those cases into my basement. Between work and two children (the younger of which requiring way more attention than his sibling) there's just not enough time to break out the models, play, and produce content. Also, there was Mk3 rocking the general boat.
They're not gone, though, and once time permits, games will be had, and you will know about it!

On Hearthstone: I've promised an ONiK review, and that'll come, but it was delayed since... I wanted to clear it in heroic mode, and now that that's done, it's coming. I'll start typing today. The post series will, however, be "rebranded" as they say, into "Playing without a full deck", but only the name, not the numbers. This has two reasons: 1) I think that, now that I did my first adventure in heroic, I have a good inkling of what I'm doing in general and 2) that name is easy to translate into German with both versions being as idiomatic as possible. Yes, select posts of the series will be translated, and linked to the Hearthstone Deutschland FB page.

Until next time,