Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2015

Khador 2015, Part 16: eZ, pZ, lemon sqZ

   You probably wouldn't have guessed, but what if I told you that I'm seriously considering (as in: there's no if, and certainly no other option) to pair Lady pZ and Lady eZ together for SR tournaments? If you're regular reader of this blog, listened to me on Murder of Crows, or even watched my videos on Youtube, you're probably not exactly surprised.

   I think that it's very well possible, especially since her two incarnations are so different. Follow me beyond the gap (and down the rabbit hole) to figure out list theory for this specific pair. And also, for lists of Warcasters they can one-shot in a pinch.

   First off: With the abundance of Cryx at the WTC, and the internet luring people into thinking in ways they shouldn't, having two lists that can be plausible Cryx drops is a good thing.

   My main question/problem (currently, i.e. before testing) is figuring out what roles each list should serve. Generally speaking, eZ has an easier time to clear infantry, especially single-wounders, so it's intuitive to take her that direction, which leaves pZ with the task of tackling anything her other self cannot stand up to. Trollbloods, especially their default pairing, come to mind.
   Alternatively, you could go ahead and try to next-level it by going unintuitive and making pZ the troop clearer, and eZ the tank buster (with troop clearing options). If I went this route, these are the lists I'd start out with:

Koldun Kommander pZ         -6   Obavnik Kommander eZ    -4
> Grolar                     9   & Reaver Guard            
Greylord Outriders (max)     9   > Behemoth              13
Winterguard Infantry (max)   6   Greylord Outriders (max) 9
w/ Rocketeer *3              3   Kayazy Eliminators       3
w/ Officer & Standart        2   Lady Aiyana&Master Holt  4
Winterguard Riflecorps (max) 8   w/ Kapitan Valachev      2
Assault Kommandos (min)      5   Great Bears o.G.         5
w/ Flamethrower *2           2   Manhunter                2
Eiryss2                      3   Manhunter                2
Reinholdt                    1   Yuri the Axe             3
Sylys Wyshnallyr             2   Kovnik Andrej Malakov    3
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich     2   > Juggernaut             7
Orin Midwinter               2   War Dog                  1
Harlan Versh                 2

   This certainly isn't improbable or bad, just... something feels wrong, and that's most likely my brain. The theory of putting ARM cracking at the hands of eZ, which holds great clearing potential regardless thanks to the GLO (and herself) is sound, after all, and turns it into a genera-list.
   At this point in time, though, I doubt whether it'd be as effective as imagined, so - in order to supply me with a good list of things that need painting - I came up with two lists were eZ does the troop clearing and pZ the Arm cracking.

Koldun Kommander pZ         -6   Obavnik Kommander eZ    -4
> Behemoth                  13   & Reaver Guard            
Greylord Outriders (max)     9   > Juggernaut             7
Ironfang Pikemen (max)       8   Greylord Outriders (max) 9
w/ Officer & Standart        2   Greylord Ternion         4
Great Bears of Gallowswood   5   Greylord Ternion         4
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt    4   Doom Reavers             6
Orin Midwinter               2   Doom Reavers             6
Ragman                       2   WG Riflecorps (max)      8
Eiryss2                      3   Alexia Ciannor & Risen   5
Reinholdt                    1   w/ Kapitan Valachev      2
Sylys Wyshnallyr             2   Koldun Lord              2
Gorman di Wulfe              2   
Ogrun Bokur                  3

   I'm quite uncertain about the pZ list's cracking potential - it's not that it's not in there, I just can't visualize how it'll work out in the actual game. I will need to give it a good test run (thankfully, quite a number of models in that list are already painted), I'm just awfully out of the game at this point.

And now, to the less serious part:

Warcasters/'Locks Lady pZ can one-shot with a damage-boosted Razorwind (Threat: 24" with Sylys)
or that Lady eZ can one-shot with a damage boosted Dissolution Bolt (Threat: THE BOARD)

Circle: Kaya1, Kaya2, Krueger1, Mohsar, Morvahna1, *Morvahna2
Convergence: Aurora?
Cryx: Denny1, Denny2, *Skarre1, *Skarre2, *Witch Coven
Cygnar: Caine1, Caine2, Haley1, Haley2, Haley3, Nemo1, Nemo2, Nemo3, Sloan
Khador: Old Witch
Legion: Absylonia, Bethayne, Lylyth1, Lylyth2, Rhyas, Saeryn, Vayl1, Vayl2
Mercs: Ashlynn, Fiona, Shae
Minions: ???
Protectorate: *Harbinger
Retribution: Garryth, Kaelyssa
Skorne: Morghoul1, Morghoul2, Zaal1
Trollbloods: Calandra

Warcasters/'Locks Lady eZ can one-shot with a damage-boosted Hoarfrost (Threat: see above)

All of the above, plus:
Circle: Krueger2, Kromac(human)
Convergence: ???
Cryx: Mortenebra
Cygnar: Stryker1, *Stryker
Khador**: Irusk1, Irusk2
Legion**: ...
Mercs: MacBain, Bart
Minions: ???
Protectorate: Amon, Severius2, Vindictus
Retribution: Rahn, Ravyn, Issyria
Skorne: Makeda1, Mordikaar
Trollbloods: Grim1, Doomshaper1, Doomshaper2

*Warcaster/'lock has abilities the use of which will generally mean a less-than-full health point total.
**Faction has a number of Casters within one-shottable range, which have Immunity:Cold, though.

This list is actually woefully incomplete - I don't have Warroom, and no easy access to the books. I'll tell you in later posts when my research has achieved an increase in completeness of this list.

Because: while looking to one-shot Casters isn't realiable - two shotting might be. And sometimes, you need to roll the hard 6, 6, 6.

But until next time,

P.S.: Here's about list for eZ Crowd Control, based more around what Trevor Christenson was playing with her:

Obavnik Kommander eZ -4
& Reaver Guard         
> Conquest           19
GL Outriders (max)    9
GL Ternion            4
Kayazy Eliminators    3
WG Riflecorps (max)   8
T.A.C.                4
w/ Kapitan Valachev   2
Kovnik Joe            2
Eiryss1               3

I guess I'll be painting models for that. It hasn't much to do with rationality, I just feel strangely better about the list, and my painting queue will be better off as well.