Montag, 14. September 2015

Khador 2015, Part 15 - Observations on the Competitor Countries

Last time, we defined who qualifies as a Core Country for WTC (any country with a team in the top ten ('14) AND the top 6 ('13)), and looked at their team compositions faction wise.

This time, we'll look at the Competitor Countries - made up out of all those that had a team in EITHER the top 10 ('14) or the top 6 ('13). The Competitors are:

Australia*, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Scotland, Slovakia

Expected are greater swings in Faction choices, just to regurgitate that info.

*I am very well aware that the Australians did not, in fact, attend '13 WTC. So did about ten other countries. Neither Austria nor Slovakia DO attend in 2015. It may seem slightly injust, however we have to draw the line somewhere. This year's data will be vital to determine something more akin to a proper standing for those teams.

Follow me beyond the break for diachronic and synchronic analyses of these team's faction choices.

   Team Australia did not participate in 2013, but apart from, they are quite stable in their faction choices - with the interesting factor of abandoning Trolls (LeGasp) and three Retribution players, the choice of which is a hallmark of the Competitors (cough, because no Core Country took those).

   Sadly, the Austrians are not participating this year. Their choices were relatively stable, with no faction ever chosen in excess of 2 players, but there were swings in which factions were doubled up on.

   Not to discredit Team Denmark, but I think this is a good example on what a swingy Competitor Country (also known (derogatory adjetive) Try-Hards) looks like. Three Factions only chosen for one year, one abandoned for a year, high number of Cygnar, increase in Cryx, you get it.

   Speaking of Try-hards... the one who, I think in 2013, boasted that the F.Ro.G. teams would own the place wasn't even on those teams. The more you know. Also, speaking of swings in choices... Protectorate and Legion abandoned for 2015, Cygnar rechosen... also, Skorne. Core Countries don't play those. Also, Germany never believed in Trollbloods.

   This is also rather swingy, though not as much as the others, and it's special, too, because 2015 is the first time that Scotland gets to field two teams. As such, certain swingyness is to be expected. I love how Scotland always has had one Khador (and one Cryx) player.

   Slovakia has always only had one team, and they're not participating in 2015 either, sadly. They were really stable in their choices, only swapping from Legion to Convergence. For a competitor country, this is a mark of a team that has great core potential... or the Don's will. Because that isn't going to be challenged either.

Overview for 2015:

   Well, six countries is a lot harder to fit into such a graph visibly. The general gravitation towards Cryx is as present here as it is in the Core Countries, though there are two significant differences: The presence of Skorne, and the numerous presence of Cygnar. And the spike that is Retribution in Australia. ;)
   Given how many Cryx players there are at the WTC, abandoning Cygnar (as the Core Countries did) might not really work out all that well for them, giving the Competitors a certain edge.

Overview of 2014:

   Compared to this years graph, this is MUCH more evenly scattered, with a single peak (Cygnar in Denmark). The Core countries win out in average Cryx player that year.

Overview of 2013:

   It's long ago, and the reduced number of teams might make this obsolete, but I'd still consider it interesting. For example, note that Denmark had three Cygnar players here as well, so they strayed from that path for 2015. Huh.

   I think that in general, the hypothesis put forward at the beginning - greater swings among the choices of the Competitor countries - can be considered true. For this year, I'll propose Australia and Slovakia as the hardest competition for the Core Countries.

   I've got to admit that I lost a little steam in the writing, but these articles are mainly about the graphics.

Next up, let's talk about Cryx, baby.