Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2015

Pressure Cooker #2 - Redux

Played a fully painted game on the weekend! If you came here from Youtube - you're gadget-savvy, and know that Harkevich won against Gorten by assassination, top of five.

VIP: Definitely the Spriggan. His Reach, combined with the MOV bonus from Escort, really allowed him to contribute his power to two locations instead of one.
VUP: If I have to choose somebody - and I have to - I'll choose the Kodiak. The Marauder bullied his flag (and did three Combo-Smites), and the Kodiak heavily contributed with two Chain Attacks, he didn't kill anything (which the Devastator did do), and one of those 2h-Throws almost cost me the game.
Biggest Blunder: Staying put with Harkevich, when protective terrain was easily within reach was certainly unnecessarily risky, but 2h-throwing the Driller towards Gorten gave Fiona an opportunity which she wouldn't have had if I only threw him straight towards her table edge.
Army Changes: Take out a Jack - probably the Kodiak, since his abilities are pretty redundant in this type of list, and put in any kind infantry, most likely Winterguard, though. Anything that can screen Harkevich.

Above all, playing fully painted is awesome. And getting in a batrep where we were able to reset the models so accurately that we could play out a different ending? Big fat bonus.

So, until next time, farewell!