Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2015

Khador 2015, Part 12 - Lady eZ and Vengeance

I'm not bored. I just can't summon the energy to do a showdown between Conquest and Victor like I did between Rager and Vanguard. So I'll go down the "easy" road, and talk about Lady Z some more - especially, her in the context of the Vengeance releases.

The theory behind this is that she originally has been developed together with those releases, and later switched places with Butcher3, so there may some surprising synergy there.

Follow this link if you want to read OrsusSmash's view on Butcher3&Reckoning: SticksandDice
Follow me beyond the break to analyse Lady eZ and Grolar/Outriders/IFK/Malakov/TAC!
   With the Grolar, there is no obvious synergy - beyond it having a P&S 18 auto-KD hammer. Lady eZ isn't really as prone to having spare focus for the gun outside of desperate feat-turn assassinations (Allocate 3, Feat Occult Whispers, boost Hoarfrost leaves her at 0, so no Telgesh Mark without Sylys) so it's not standing out anymore than with the Sorschas.

   Okay, so unless you've been on a mission to Mars, this should come as no surprise. Outriders are probably the one most awesome unit to take with Lady eZ, between how much the profit from Occult Whispers, how they can serve as good Telgesh Mark targets, and how the light-cav move can really set them up for some very effective sprays on the feat turn. I can't begin to figure how we - as the community of Khador players - actually thought they were subpar when we first got their rules.

Iron Fang Kovnik
   Hm, no obvious synergy, but! He's the perfect addition to Black Dragons and/or Uhlans, who are themselves great additions to a Lady eZ list if you're forgoing the "All-teh-greelordz!" builds. I personally like the idea of building her as more of an Assassination/Armour Cracker - aside from including the obligatory unit of Outriders - which will definitely entail bringing Black Dragon IFPs, and thusly, IFKs. Also Yuri and two Manhunters. And making a target stationary with Hoarfrost really helps the IFP hit. That, however, will the Crowd Control role to the other list, and it's hard to figure a list that can spray control as well as Lady eZ.

Kovnik Malakov
   He's interesting. As a spellcaster, he gets to cast a spell during her feat turn - which means Razorwind. And, if he hasn't gone yet, he can still cast two more, which are auto-boosted to hit from Occult Whispers. So he can give you four Pow 12's (including his handcannon), which turns him into a good assassination piece, even more so if the target is stationary from Hoarfrost. With Lady eZ, he actually makes sense as a Supersolo, even though I'd rather have him run, say, the Grolar - Banishing Ward is a good piece of protection for him - and only leave Lady eZ with running a Rager for Protection.

Tactical Arsonist Corps
   I've touched a lot on these Dwarves before during my initial thoughts about Lady eZ, and I think they are among the few Mercenaries models that are as close to "must-have" as that faction's models go. Being Spellcasters - that can have Valachev attached, to boot - they profit SO much from her and also do so much for her, too. Being able to put down six clouds with the Dwarves NOT in them can create a real bunker for Lady eZ on her feat turn which will be very good unless you're playing against Legion, but then again, you're playing against Legion, and the only way that'll turn out good is when your Outriders run in on the Warlock and feat-frostbite its face off. With the combination of Battle Wizards, Zephyr, and the feat, the Dwarves can really get stuff done, and I highly look forward to using them.

Here's a Vengeance release heavy list to sum all this up:

Obavnik Kommander Zerkova +4
& Reaver Guard              
> Rager                    6
Greylord Outriders (max)   9
Iron Fang Pikemen (max)    8
w/ Black Dragon UA         2
Tactical Arcanist Corps    4
w/ Koldun Kapitan Valachev 2
Kayazy Eliminators         3
Iron Fang Kovnik           2
Manhunter                  2
Manhunter                  2
Yuri the Axe               3
Kovnik Andrej Malakov      2
> Grolar                   9

I don't have any idea whether this is any good, but I'm willing to try it out. Whether you agree or disagree on my observations, you may do so in the comments, but that's all for this article, so until next time, farewell!