Mittwoch, 1. April 2015

Khador 2015, Part 04 - Whispering Occult Secrets

So, on Murder of Crows Ep 9 we got all giddy about Zerkova2 (man, that still feels strange to type) possibly having Spell Piercer... ...and a day later, there's a spoiler from the Riven Bonds league, showing us this:

It's nowhere near the greatness that would've been Spell Piercer (which still is up in the air), but it IS good. Follow me beyond the break to preliminary list considerations based on this spell alone.
Yes, I've made an all-comers list for Zerkova2 based on the spell alone - and the stuff we already know (which boils down to Zerkova having two Doom Reaver Henchmen). A lot of assumptions are made!

Zerkova2        -4
Spriggan        10
IF Pikemen       8
w/ UA            2
GL Outriders     9
Doom Reavers     6
TAC              4
w/ Valachev      2
Great Bears      5
Alexia2          4
Sylys Wyshnallyr 2
Iron Fang Kovnik 2

First off: I'm assuming 4 Warjack points since Butcher3 has those. I went with the Spriggan because I can hardley think of a better allround heavy to go with. (GROLARRR!!!)
Greylord Outriders and TAC+Valachev are there to benefit from Occult Whispers and freeze/roast stuff. It's been explained a lot how Outriders benefit from any hitting buffs applied to them, and only a few things get better than Occult Whispers (Hand of Fate, because it makes them ridiculously good flankers, whereas Occult Whispers keeps them "leashed" to Zerkova's perimeter).
Doom Reavers are there in anticipation of any potential buff for those, whatever that might be (hopefully, sth else than Silence).
The IFP package - including the Kovnik and Great Bears is there to crack armoured targets (with inbuilt terrain mitigation), because I assume that the Outriders and TAC can handle the average amount of infantry.
I am a little unsure about Sylys - if he's not doing very good thing for Zerkova2, he'll very likely just be stuck with Zerkova1.
Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire is in there to launch Pow 14 Hellfires at the enemy (and create Thralls).

Admittedly, Alexia2 and Sylys are the weakest links in the chain, but the speed at which they get exchanged will be solely determined by any other Zerkova2 spoilers that come around. Heck, we know nothing besides Occult Whispers and the Warcaster unit fact. No other Spells (except, you know, Razor Wind), no rules, no feat. It'll be great to find out about all that, and when it happens, this list will see revision.

I'm kinda sorry that there have no posts with "deeper" content, but right know I'm still in kind of a warmachine draught (Stupid BA thesis)... and it will change. That much I can anticipate.

But until then, farewell!