Freitag, 10. Oktober 2014

Creativitymachine - Supreme Kommandant Marth Fright

   In this article, I'm going to show you what rules I came up with for "myself" as a Warcaster. That one actually has a bit of a backstory - for M&tM S5, I wanted to have "Break Images" - basically still pictures a channel would show right before and after the commercials. To that end, I got the offer from Paul Villar (from Play it Painted) to draw a WM image of me, and the only guidance I gave him was "sth Iruskesque."

   The following homebrew rules mainly stem from the fact that my rendition is holding a pair of dice. But all the crunch will come after the break - so you can get out of here if that's not your cup of tea. ;)
Alright, so here goes:

 6   6   6   5   15  15  8   7
HP: 15
Base: Small
WJP: +6

Fate Blessed - When a model within this model's CTRL makes an attack or damage roll, this model may spend 1 point of Focus to reroll that roll.
Spell Amplifier - when this model casts a spell and is the origin of the spell, incease the spell's Rng by +5".

Feat: Calamity Storm
While in this model's CTRL, enemy models roll an additional die on their attack rolls and discard the highest die. When a model within this model's CTRL rolls a critical hit, this model replenishes a point of focus. The amount of focus on this model can never exceed this model's FOC value as a result of Calamity Storm. Calamity Storm lasts for one round.

2x Arcane Power Gloves
 - Pow 6, P&S 12, Powerful Attack, Crit:Pitch

Artifice of Deviation
Banishing Ward
Boundless Charge
Razor Wind

Sample Army:
Supreme Kommandant Marth Fright -6
Spriggan                        10
Destroyer                        9
Juggernaut                       7
Winterguard Infantry (max)       6
w/ Officer & Standard            2
w/ Rocketeer x3                  3
Iron Fang Pikemen (max)          8
w/ Black Dragon UA               2
Kayazy Eliminator                3
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich         2
Iron Fang Kovnik                 2
Sylys Wyshnallyr                 2

   As it seems, I'm an Zerkova-esque solutions provider with an eye on meddling with the dice, which is very me (people that played might attest - I don't cheat, but I do put more faith in the dice than healthy IRL). Sylys stacks with Spell Amplifier, adding 7" to the range of all my spells (which is the reason my only "show-stopper" is Pursuit, and my nuke is Razor Wind. The other models are mainly there to roll dice, and fill me back up on focus during feat. I suppose the interactions between spending focus (via Jack-Hammer or fate-blessed or otherwise) and having numerous models with attacks (potentially with Crits) are interesting, but they may be... off the charts, and only a game will tell. In the best case, I'll feat, spend focus, activate the army, and while filling up on focus still be able to interact through Fate-Blessed (and, in a perfect scenario, be filled up again at the end of my turn, which hamper the enemy since there's still my one-turn Stars Crossed to deal with).

   In the meantime, model-wise, I'd build myself using Strakhov's skirt, then probably Irusk's body, battle mage mittens and the crownless Vlad-head from Vlad3. And/or do an awesome effect like Rolling Bones Goreshade. ;) I'll be using the army presented here in an Episode of M&tM s5, and Strakhov might end up being the proxy...

   But until then, farewell.