Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014

Boss Monster - Initial Review

  SPIEL 2014 did happen, and as of this writing, nobody was killed in an ISIS attack and neither got himself Ebola nor passed it out unto others (Suck it, Battlefoam!). During the fair, a number of impulse (or dopamine driven) purchases were done.

   One of those got me "Boss Monster" and "Boss Monster: Tools of Hero Kind" from Brotherwise Games LLC. I had first seen this game played on Bleeped Up Productions, and since I'm an 80's kid, I was fully aware during the time of the C64, Atari, early Macintosh (I had a IIfx with a 21" (non-flat!) screen), NES, Gameboy, and Super NES - which is the main source of graphic inspiration for this game (numerous references in the game reach out to more current games).

   So, along this line of thinking - Press (A) to continue, or (B) to cancel!
   We've only one game so far - but that was a 4-Player match, and despite three of the players never having played or even seen the game before, it was easy enough to learn for them. I goldfished the game a few times to get a hang of the mechanics (it helps if you know what you're doing), but I'm only starting to dig into the subtleties - using "pick a hero to appear at your dungeon" abilities to best effect, or the depth created between baiting heroes, building a killer dungeon, but building those rooms before the bait phase in a specific order of players, and your dungeon having a maximum of five rooms.

   It's surprising how, well, tactical and tense such a rather simple game can actually become in the end game, and we all agreed that that's a hallmark of a good game. It's also light-hearted and quick enough to do it for fun - but I wouldn't play the heck out of it.
   I might actually go ahead and write a few articles about it (that'll help inspiring me to do other stuff), but until then, farewell!

P.S.: Having a killer dungeon is all fine and good, but you need heroes to process.
P.P.S.: Jackpot Stash is TEH BOMB.