Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

Demoboard - Pattern Developments

So, the other day, Arides went ahead and created a .psd file where he went and compiled all the SR 2012 patterns into a single file - and to scale.

This proves quite handy as our LGS has "refitted" one set of tabletop gaming boards to expand their games display, leaving us with one, which we have to share with 40k gamers that come over from the local GW whenever it's too full or busy with other stuff.

Since that situation needs a solution, our WM/H group has briefly been considering doing a kickstarter for new gaming tables. Not in all seriousness, though. However, as we will need another table, I've resorted to using aforementioned .psd file to compile suitable patterns. The idea is this:
I do a table, and on the table, all the zones and spots for objectives/flags are already premarked in different colours. Then you roll a d6 - ideally, there'll be six mission displayed - to see what you're playing. No exact need to measure zones or all the finiggly and fudging that comes with mobile objects. Imagine the floor of a sports hall in school.

I've come up with the following patterns so far:
Balance I: Overrun, Restoration, Command & Control, Destruction, Process of Elimination, Bunkers
Balance II: Sacrifice, Incoming, A Flag Too Far, Outflank/Outfight/Outlast, Supply and Demand, Gauntlet
Balance III: Diversion, Demolition, Envelopment, Incursion, Guidons, Close Quarters
(The "Balance" series works on the standards of providing a scenario from each group with no overlap between the patterns.)
50/50: PoE, Destruction, Guidons, Overrun, Gauntlet, Close Quarters
(Intends to balance pro-melee v. pro-range scenarios)
Looks good: C&C, O3, PoE, Incursion, Overrun, Gauntlet
(Intends to provide a pattern where the lines a visually appealing. Most probable demo board)
Destruction Derby: Sacrifice, Incoming, Demolition, PoE, Destruction, S&D
(Scenarios where models do or can be blow up)

Let me know what you think. I'll get some pictures ready and upload them on another day.

Oh, and expect M&tM #73 by Monday next week.