Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

Creativitymachine: The Queen of Shadows

Not so nice a lady
For this installment of Creativitymachine, I'm striving to put some WM/H rules behind a beautiful model from Freebooter's fate. I got a pair of Brotherhood miniatures already, posing as my second Eliminator team, and I'm quite inspired to use more models from that range as Kayazy models in the Khadoran army.

The model is called "Queen of Shadows" and in my opinion, that already makes for a fitting title for a Warcaster. A Khadoran Kayazy Ally Warcaster, to be more precise. For all her abilities and spells I went to the actual FF rules for inspiration.

In the following crunch part, I'll strive to give explanations why particular choice were made (or wishes are uttered).
The Queen of Shadows
Khadoran Kayazy Ally Warcaster

 7   5   6   5   16  14  9   7
Base: Small
Damage: 15
Warjack Points: +6

Duelist [+2 DEF against melee attacks]
Dodge [move 2" if missed]
Flank (Kayazy) [+2 MAT and +1d6 dam when attacking models in melee range of friendly Kayazy]

Combat Fan x2 (P&S 10)
 • Poison [+1d6 dam against living models]

Feat: Reign of Blades
While within this model's Control Area, friendly Kayazy models gain "Vengeance". Friendly models activating within this model's Control Area gain +2 to attack and damage rolls with melee weapons of P&S 10 or less, and Overtake.

Admonition [2 Foc, Upkeep, move for 3" when enemies come within 6"]
Lightning Strike [2 Foc, target friendly models gains "Sprint"]
Mirage [3 Foc, Upkeep, friendly model/unit gains "Apparition"]
Shadow Pack [3 Foc, Upkeep, Battlegroup gains "Stealth"]
Lock the target [2 Foc, damaged model loses some abilties... need to look up the details]

I imagine her as a stealthy, commanding lady that still can get into the thick of things (with the pseudo weapon master from poison) - and most importantly, back out again. MAT was actually at 7, but with the addition of Flank, I chose to reduce it. The spell list is, barring Death Sentence and Shadow Pack, about Movement - and quite upkeep heavy, which I consider a balancing element. I'm not fully settled on the feat, but so far it looks good.

Since this "homegrown" actually has a quite befitting model, I should just go out, buy it, paint it, and give it a few test runs. I have no ideas on a Tier list, though. Just "all Kayazy, all the way" seems WAY too blunt, but what could be done is something similar to Fiona's list - Tier 1 benefit adds the "Kayazy" label to a certain selection of warrior models.

This may be something I'd (preliminary) run her with at 35 points:

The Queen of Shadows  -6
 + Spriggan           10
Kayazy Assassins      10
 w/ Underboss
Croe's Cutthroats      7
Kayazy Eliminators     3
Kayazy Eliminators     3
Kell Bailoch           2
Saxon Orrik            2
Gorman di Wulfe        2
Madelyn Corbeau        2

So, if you read it this far - do me a favour and leave comment. It'll be very appreciated.
But until next time, farewell.