Samstag, 17. März 2012

The faded black T-shirt 01 (Tourney Update)

So, uh, been to Koblenz, participated in three rounds of Steamroller 2012, as formerly announced.

Didn't do so well, I placed 7th out of 10, which is kind of to be expected when you lose games 1 and 3. Had I won the first one, I might've made 6th, which was my personal goal. First and foremost, thanks to Cidster (the PG) and the players from the CTU LGS. Every opponent - while sometimes taking a little "getting used to" - was a blast to play against.

A short rundown:

Round 1, Overrun, Irusk v. Terminus. My board position was actually way better, but I misunderstood Flight, and thought myself more threatened then I really was. Which, in tandem with this being my second game this year, led to me losing to the clock. (Again)

Round 2, Supply & Demand (with dummy objectives), Irusk v. Harbinger (Tier 4). This player had one of the best painted Menoth armies I've seen so far. Once I figured that his list had no way to deal with rough terrain, Inhospitable Ground allowed me to effectively wait out  the Harbinger's feat. The other thing working for me was Irusk's feat, and rolling a lot of good 4+. So a single, battle lusted Eliminator goes to town on Harby, whom I almost molested to use Martyrdom, and guts her. I had 32 seconds left on the clock.

Round 3, A flag too far, Vlad Xp v. Goreshade. What a freaking mess. I lose to a number of misplays which, certainly added up to my defeat. I forgot my reinforcements, I feated to early, I played unnecessarily aggressive. The unnecessity shown by the simple fact that three(!) Kayazy Assassins und Hand of Fate, who walked (!) up to Goreshade, after (!) Vlad's feat turn, left him alive on four boxes (!) is a testiment to the raw power of transference. In the end, however, I got completely tabled, and Vlad went down in a drove of Bane Thralls (with DJ flavour).
But this game also had the best moment: Marauder charges Seether (slightly damaged), combosmites him into a building - which exactly destroys him. :D

So my redux is that this was not a tournament for me - more of a... ...measure of further education in terms of warmachine casters to be faced in tournaments. I mean, I never before played against one of these casters, which certainly didn't help. ;)

Arides took a number of pictures, so I guess there'll be video coverage with a little more detail. But I won't work it into Marth and the Machines... maybe as a subsection, to be inserted whenever I get around to it. I guess I'll name it - in accordance with page 5 - "The faded black T-shirt". So until then, farewell.