Samstag, 24. März 2012

Another Prep Game

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the day of another Tourney in Koblenz, this time, at the "Zeitgeist" LGS. In preparation for this, I had another game with Arides. This allowed me to use my second list at least once before the tournament.

It was kinda important, as I am taking Izak Harkevich to completement Zerkova's Hunting Wolves. For scenario, we rolled a classic - Destruction! Size was 35 points, and he was, again, packing Kraye. I think he wants to leave me in the dark about his second list.

This was the "after deployment shot":

Alright, here's my list:
Izak Harkevich
- Black Ivan
- Spriggan
- Juggernaut
Greylord Ternion
Iron Fang Pikemen w/ UA
Sylys Wyshnallyr

I went second, which actually is kind of a moot point when everything but Kraye has AD in his Tier. My pikemen move along the right side, and the jacks over to the left side, to meet with Kraye's heavies. He plays too agressively with the Stormclad and ends up short, which allows me to, by charging the Stormclad, circumvent the Centurion's "No Chargy". I win by scenario when the Juggernaut, and then Spriggan, manage to wrestle themselves free and go after the objective.

"Where did those Rangers go?" "We're in y00r B4se, k1ll1ng y00r d00dz." ;)
Arides uses the ranger units to flank one side, and they account for my losing the Ternion and Sylys. ;)

This is the end positioning, when the Spriggan took out the other objective. Here's my Redux:
VIP: Harkevich. Escort is just plain bloody awesome. And the Field Marshal Pathfinder. RAWR!
VUP: Black Ivan. The only thing he ever did was successfully throwing the Centurion away. All his bombard shots deviated into nothingness.
Biggest Blunder: Probably moving the Ternion over too far left to freeze the Cent', when they became Ranger fodder.
Changes to list: It's sort of a toss-up between sylys and Koldun Lord + Dog. But I'm staying with Sylys.

VIP: The grey Hunter. Shot every turn, and accounted for most of the damage dealt to my warjacks.
VUP: The GMCA. He never dealt damage to the objective, and also failed to take out the IFP officer - twice!
Biggest Blunder: Moving the Stormclad too far up so I could use him to ricochet into the Centurion.
Changes to list: for tomorrow's tourney, he can't change anything anymore, but if he could, he drop the Stormclad for a 9 point ranged jack, probably a Defender, for some heavy ranged attacks.

I think you can expect tourney reduxes by tomorrow evening. Till then, farewell!