Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

B.A.D. thing coming up!

Just for your information, our local community - which has been growing a lot lately - has decided to get a first tournament going in July!

It's a non-sanctioned, invitation-only tournament ('cause we didn't want to have our local test of mettle messed up with hardcore players from outside ;-)). Two lists, size is 25 points, 3 Rounds (4 if time and enthusiasm permit), fixed scenarios per Round, Attrition Scoring in case it becomes necessary to determine final standings.

Out of 14 invitees, six have already confirmed. And the name is: Bonn Annihilation Days '11/#1. We settled on that because... well, just because it can be abbreviated to B.A.D. And the winner will receive the Bonn Annihilation Days Award (for) Superior Strategists - the B.A.D.A.S.S.

Yes, our joys are simple. ;-)

I will definitely be giving the Tournament proper some cover here, probably some of my army selection issues, too (Arides might be into that as well).

But until then, farewell!