Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

BAD - First tests, first results

Anyway, today we had a first test of what lists we want to take to our BAD event (see post below). I'm still wondering as to what to take as my second list, or what that should actually cover. I'm certain to take Zerkova as one of them, and up to now, I was eyeing a Irusk Tier 2 list.

However, having tried it today, I do not think that it's viable enough. It really kicks in at Tier 4, and while the discount on Spriggan and Devastator is not to be underrated, taking two IFP units at 25 points doesn't work out as much. One max unit w/ UA might work better, or a min unit w/ UA and some support (Mechanics & Wardog, anyone).

I guess Irusk works best with a non-Tier at that point. However, since Characters are restricted at the BAD, I'll have to take something other than the Great Bears of Gallowswood. So it's back to the drawing board - 'Cuz without the discount, the Spriggan, while great, might not be the best choice. Or the Devastator, for that matter.

I'll go and test it, might actually get the chance to do that on thursday. If it doesn't work, I could still settle for a Butcher of Khardov "Metal Jacket" list - but that will require a painted Butcher, first and foremost.

But for now, farewell!