Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

Warmachine - Siege Engines

So, this week Privateer Press "spoon-fed" us one major faction siege engine a day. Khador Gun Carriage, Cryx "Big Daddy Machine Wraith", Retribution Arcantrik Generator, Cygnar Storm Strider, Protectorate Vessel of Judgement. And I while I'm not going to make a final statement until I see rules, I do have an opinion.

First off, I'm finding myself more and more to be a supporter of the whole Siege Engine thing. I was sceptical when the first sneak peeks came. When I heard "Gun Carriage", I envisioned two ponies drawing a wooden carriage (without armour) where two winter guardsmen fought for space with two mortars.

Given that expectation, the actual Gun Carriage is a blast. And the ideas for the others are good as well. From the other factions, I think that the Storm Strider and the Arcantrik Generator appeal to me most, design-wise. I mean, a quadroped power ball of arcing lightning, driven by a half-way out-of-his-mind scientist? Oh, yeah. An elven thingamajig probably granting a support effect and capable of firing a ray of death, with cool SFX? Sure. The protectorate thing leads in terms of style (Church Organs are cool), but it's a more classic idea (as in: I think I've seen/thought of that before). I don't see how the Cryx one classifies as a "Siege Engine", but I'm not straight away against it, not until I've seen the final model.
It's just the same as with food: Don't say you don't like it unless you took a bite.

And I don't think that they'll "kill the game" as some people fear they do. Yes, there are situations in the game where you ARE f.u.b.a.r.ed, but if the Siege Engines only cost as much as character jacks do (say, 9-12 points), all the regular options you have should still work.
If you did not bring any of these options, then that's a mistake which happened during army construction.

At any rate, until Wrath comes out, I'll be out painting my remaining models (77 in-faction left to go).
See you then.