Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

Marth & the Machines #36 - Sorscha Kratikoff Triple Feature

Hey folks, this is No 36. of Marth and the Machines, featuring three games with Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff. One against Kara Sloan, one against Asheth Magnus, and one against Garryth. The first one is the main feature (all were over by the bottom of round two), the other two are highly abbreviated - because the pictures were lost, unfortunately. Still, enjoy!

Okay, I promised an in-Depth analysis. Well, here is the main point which Arides also agreed on - I won because of heavy placement errors. Check the placing of the Trencher Rain DoomTrain, and the trencher cannon. Keeping in mind that Arides went first, it would have been gamechanging if he had just swapped their position. The Kayazy would've been toast - at least I could not have gone as deep as I did. That's a lesson worth learning about placing. The TRDT could still have fired on everything that came up on the hill. And... stuff. ;-)

When I do this next time (which'll probably in issue #39), I'll also prepare an explanatory picture.