Freitag, 3. Juni 2016

Falling up the Stairs (10) - Empirical Research regarding the Lolz of Yogg-Saron (Update!)

THE LOLZ of Yogg Saron!
or: Keeping track of whether my Servant of Yogg Saron does meaningful shit.

At the time of this writing, my Servant of Yogg-Saron cast this for me:

Good Stuff
Animal Companion (Grumble) Arcane Bolts 
Assassination (Enemy Minion) 
*Astral Unity
Blessing of Wisdom (Enemy Minion)
Brawl (Wins) x2
Charge (Himself)
Corruption (Enemy Minion)
Dart Trap 
Forgotten Torch (Enemy Minion)
Flashheal (Me)
Freezing Trap
Frost Nova 
Gang of Three (Himself)
Hammer of Wrath (Enemy Minion)
Heroic Blow x2
Holy Light (Me)
Holy Nova 
Hunter's Mark (Enemy Minion)
Ice Barrier 
Jaraxxus' Fist (Opponent)
Light in the Dark (Leprous Gnome)
Lock & Load
Mirror Entity
Mortal Blow (Opponent)
Mortal Coil (Enemy Minion) 
Power Word: Shield (Himself)
Rafaam's Curse
*Rain of Stars (5 Dam) (Enemy Minion)
Redemption x2
Savage Roar
Shadowflame (Other Friendly Minion)
Shadow Word: Pain (Enemy Minion)
Shield Block 
Silence (Enemy Minion)
Soul of the Forest x2
Stand against Darkness 
*Strength of the Wild (Himself)
Thunderstorm x2
Under the Colosseum 
Unleash the Hounds x2
Wild Spirits

Pointless Spells

*Bolster x2
Circle of Healing
Forbidden Flame (No Mana Left)
Forked Lighting (Only One Enemy Minion)
Moonfire (Enemy Minion) 
Multi-Shot (Only One Enemy Minion)
Sense Demons
Shatter (No Frozen Target)
*Untamable (No Attack Value)
*Wrath of the Beast (No Beasts)


Arcane Strike (Friendly Minion)
Arcane Strike (Himself)
Backstab (Himself)
Bane of Doom (Himself)
Bash (Me)
Blessing of Kings (Enemy Minion)
Earth Shock (Himself
Flashheal (Enemy Minion) 
Holy Smite (Himself) 
Inner Fire (Himself)
On the Hunt (Himself)
Power Overwhelming (Himself) 
Power Word: Shield (Enemy Minion) 

Conclusions: You don't need a degree in maths to see that the Servant of Yogg-Saron generally puts out a beneficial effect - at least way more often than doing something which is complete shite (About 50+ positive results out of a total of about 80). There are, however, ways - or guidelines - which help facilitate beneficial results. The biggest one to me is to NOT play the Servant (or SoYS) into an empty board unless absolutely necessary. It works best when there are enemy minions, so all the offensive spells (and those that could go on either) actually have targets to go on. The next step is probably having friendly minions there to provide more targets for the friendly buffs that might come around (though I prefer to attack with them first. Just in case).

The best result, obviously, is when you play him, he casts a Brawl - and then wins that Brawl. So far, it has been always followed up by either a concession or a ragequit. Fun Times! I think I'll do one more empirical update around the 200 castings mark so we can have some proper mathematical proof to the SoYS being safer than YS to use (though not as game-ending).

But until then, thanks for reading, and remember:

It's all fun and games until somebody runs out of cards.