Sonntag, 22. November 2015

Khador 2015 - Part 18: Conquest v. Behemoth Juxtaposition

In the last article, I did a little preparation for ClogCon by running my two lists through a theoretical gauntlet. I might do that again.

However, in this article I want to compare the Conquest to the Behemoth with regards to my lists - because I've heard a bunch of good arguments  for swapping them around.  And afterwards, I might just do another round of Irish Roulette.

So, once again, my lists:

Koldun Kommander pZ         -6   Obavnik Kommander eZ    -4
> Behemoth                  13   & Reaver Guard            
Greylord Outriders (max)     9   > Conquest              19
Ironfang Pikemen (max)       8   Greylord Outriders (max) 9
w/ Officer & Standart        2   Greylord Ternion         4
Great Bears of Gallowswood   5   Kayazy Eliminators       3
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt    4   WG Riflecorps (max)      8
Orin Midwinter               2   Tactical Arsonist Corps  4
Ragman                       2   w/ Kapitan Valachev      2
Eiryss2                      3   Kovnik Joe               2
Reinholdt                    1   Eiryss1                  3
Sylys Wyshnallyr             2   
Gorman di Wulfe              2   
Ogrun Bokur                  3

   As a side note, you might notice that more numbers are italicised - I've been painting a bunch. Next up is Valachev, Joe, and the IFP UA, and then I need to go priming again.

   Conquest currently resides in my eZ list - because that's how Trevor Christensen said he likes to play it. Now I'm not a huge fanboi or sumthin', but I thought it's a very decent starting place, and I like the "mixed
 bag" of models this list had (in contrast to the generally popular All-Magical-Shotguns approach), since it also catered better to my current selection of models. Behemoth resides in my pZ list because he is a premiere ARM cracker in the faction, and keeping him (kinda) safe with watcher is certainly doable.
   That being said - I repeatedly heard that eZ likes the Behemoth for some extra attacks into Hoarfrost'ed targets. And Conquest with Watcher sounds sweet. Let's get into more detail:

- Both can't speed up their 'Jacks in case of Conquest, Behemoth may profit for a Watcher movement but it would in general NOT be an advance towards the enemy. With eZ, that is not so much a problem because his AP is more of gimmick (she's more about the guns), while it would be his main selling point for pZ.
- While watcher is more easy to trigger on the Behemoth (that huge base takes up about 5" out of 6" range, which means I can't Watcher against reach models directly on the opposite side of Conquest (assuming no mistakes)), Conquest is a really juicy Watcher target. Fully boosted P&S 22s? Yummy. Firing the gun at something that came too close to Zerkova, thus potentially saving her ass from 15" away? I'm down with those odds (not that it should happen anyway).
- Conquest is a huge chunk of immovable metal, which will give precious scenario staying power to pZ. His creeping barrage is also a great boon as some back-up crowd control. The kind of infantry that I think this list won't be able to handle well should be covered right up by Creeping Barrage.
- Behemoth on eZ really likes stationary targets, he also likes punching those same things, and he's a valuable back-up threat on hard targets. He'd also bring an additional six points from the list (gotta find suitable painted models, damnit...).

These would be the adjusted lists:

Koldun Kommander pZ         -6   Obavnik Kommander eZ    -4
> Conquest                  19   & Reaver Guard            
Greylord Outriders (min)     6   > Behemoth              13
Ironfang Pikemen (max)       8   Greylord Outriders (max) 9
w/ Officer & Standart        2   Greylord Ternion         4
Great Bears of Gallowswood   5   Kayazy Eliminators       3
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt    4   WG Riflecorps (max)      8
Orin Midwinter               2   Tactical Arsonist Corps  4
Ragman                       2   w/ Kapitan Valachev      2
Eiryss2                      3   Widowmakers              4
Reinholdt                    1   Koldun Lord              2
Sylys Wyshnallyr             2   Kovnik Joe               2
Gorman di Wulfe              2   Eiryss1                  3

   The Koldun Lord is the one thing I'm not so sure about, but my good friend Niek called him multi-purpose in that list, and I can see that. My other choices would be either the Widowmaker Marksman, or Harlan fuckin' Versh. (I might just paint those up for the sake of it, so I can do last minute swaps if necessary...) I would've picked a second Ternion, but I don't have one, and the other Khador player close by doesn't have them painted. So I choose my Snipers, and the WMMM would've been a nice addition for them, even though I'm no good with Swift Hunter (and he is a nice Arcnode choice, too). And Harlan Versh is just... just Versh. He puts out up to as many shots as the Widowmakers, while being a lot less bothered by defensive upkeeps.
   Hm. I wanted to paint that guy anyway.

   Anyway, as things stand right now, I'm going with the changes outlined above. If you have a comment about those, why not leave it below?

And now, for the bonus part! Putting 'em to the test.

My random number this time was 22 - which turns out to be Germany Bier & Brezel. Oh good lord.

Round 1: Retribution of Scyrah (Rahn / Ravyn (Will of the Nine voices T3))
   Differing from what I wrote about the Ret matchup last time, there's no anti-magic Kaelyssa. In fact, there's Rahn with a list that gains bonuses against non-magic things, so I reckon he will pick Ravyn. Which in turn, based on my prior observations, pretty much means I'll pick eZ, and hope to go second. Depending on how the bottom of one feat works out, 60:40 in my favour.

Round 2: Circle Orboros (Krüger2 / Morvahna2)
   Hm, this is really rough. Is single Conquest enough to dissuade my opponent from fielding Krüger2? I don't think so. I think that scenario will dictate my opponent's choice - if it's Two Fronts, Recon, or Outflank, he might prefer Morvahna2. Overall, I think I will be having more problems with Krüger, so that's what I assume I'll get. It all feels strangely 50:50. In which case I'll just drop pZ and roll with it, since Druids make Outriders (and other spellcasters) hate life, but so does Orin. He may be key to getting the game rolling well in my favour.

Round 3: Skorne (Xerxis1 (Fist of Halaak T2) / Xerxis2)
   This going to be not fun. I guess I'll be getting Xerxis2, because eZ can kill Incendiarii with Sprays, TAC are immune to fire, and pZ's feat takes away their shtick while also having enough punch to deal with the Heavies. Eight Drakes on the other hand, that can buy back boosted sprays are not what she wants to see. And eZ will have to try and focus down the Kreas (in order to be able to kill the Drakes with guns) and/or hope for the best - I'm not too certain on those warbeast's stats. 40:60

Round 4: Cryx (Deneghra1 / Mortenebra (Infernal Machines T4)
   Between Banishing Ward in both lists, as well as Conquest, I guess I'll be seeing Mortenebra - there are just too many things from Denny that wouldn't have a good time. And that many Jacks are hard to deal with. I'd drop pZ, but I will have to initiate trades with the Pikemen so that Conquest can remain as safe as possible for as long as possible (till, in the best case, he can pummel Deathjack). eZ could make a game of it, I'm sure (Cryx Jacks are not tough, and eZ's list can hit), but I'd rather place my bets with pZ. If I can get the IFP to Alpha, they can DefForm away, with her feat blunting the rebuttal, which, at best, sets them up for another charge. 50:50 to 60:40

Round 5:  Cygnar (Haley1 / Haley2)
   I'm not as certain he'll drop Haley2 as I usually am - though it's generally a safe assumption, this Haley1+Galleon list is rather obnoxious. Regarding Haley2, all I said for pZ still stands. It'll likely come down to scnenario - if there's Kill Box, I think I can count Haley1 out, since she wouldn't like being to close to eZ and that many sprays (and Eiryss1). If there isn't, she's a serious consideration, though, and I'd probably field eZ and look for the assassination (of Gastonne first, obviously). The list is probably better suited at hunting down the support. So this one basically comes down to scenario again. 60:40

Well, that one was a lot less Sunshine & Rainbows (not that I'm expecting that), and I'd probably end up... lower midfield, most likely.

Thanks for reading this far, and until next time,