Freitag, 30. Januar 2015

Khador 2015, Part 2: Steamroller '15 and Masters '15 thoughts

So, Steamroller '15 is out long enough that everybody saw it, and all the notable people (PwMJ, RFP, MoC) talked about it, so what is there that I can add?

Well, a bit. Maybe less so on Steamroller, but there are some thoughts I have for Masters.

After the break I'll tell you which objectives I'd consider with the 'Casters I think about the most, what to put in with 20 pts of specialists, and which scenario will no longer be there come 2016!
Remember, the lists mostly on my mind are Harkevich Tier IV, five 'Jacks; Zerkova's Allrounder; and Strakhov.

1. Objectives
   Harkevich's list, at first glance, tends to scream for the Armoury (because it HAS to have Light Artillery anyway), but I don't think that'll be wise - the Firepower Ability will be relevant in two scenarios, mostly Incoming, and there aren't enough bodies around to really make use of Asset Protection (however, see also the Masters thoughts below). A second, and way better thought, is the Fuel Cache. Yes, the objectives might be way up the table, but since I intend to lead with the Warjacks - I'm strongly assuming that they benefit from it sooner than later, and any focus efficiency will be highly appreciated.
   In a similar vein, Arcane Wonder seems made for Zerkova (it'd make her a virtual 9-10 Focus 'Caster with Sylys and a Koldun Lord), and she will be far up the board, and it'll be helpful when Coldswapping Icy Grip or recasting Watcher, but... I'm not sure whether it's not a better choice to just take the Bunker and keep her safe from Blast damage, or the Effigy for the cover. I guess testing will tell.
   Strakhov is relatively easy - the objective needs to keep him safe, that's why I gravitate to the Stockpile - because Strakhov is high DEF, and has immunities, and occultation if necessary, I predict a fair amount of Knockdown coming his way, and it avoids that. It also helps his army, which is even better.

2. Active Duty Roster
   When I first saw the ADR for Khador, I went "Yay! My three most favoured 'Casters are all on the bucket list, free points!!" Too bad it's only two lists now. So I guess I'm back to Harkevich & Zerkova, unless I just pick the Butcher who'll likely solve a lot of Problems I might get. Need to keep him in mind, but we'll see how the ADR changes coming L&L.
   With that being said, what would I consider for my specialists, assuming the H&Z pairing? Harkevich is easier since he has a Tier list, and the specialists must adhere to the tier restrictions, and they can't change the tier levels, either. So... this looks sensible to put in for a few 'Jacks:

  Winterguard Riflecorps (max) 8
  Winterguard Infantry (max)   6
  w/ Rocketeers x3             3
  w/ Officer & Standart        2
  War Dog                      1

Could be really helpful should I run into a really bad matchup (that Zerkova can't handle).

For Zerkova, who'll likely not be in Tier, it's a lot more difficult... if she's build to look like a Cryx drop, the specialists will be models that aren't Cryx-droppy. The exact make-up of those will likely be dictated by what works out for me during ZWDT.

3. Goodbye in 2016
   Of course, this'll only apply if they cut the number of scenarios again (to 6, presumably, because that worked out fine during last year's Masters), but in that case - Outflank will go. Why? Because it's the last scenario with round zones, which are really large, and block off certain types of terrain. And since SR caters more and more to the needs of either "the dumb" (and the TOs, and those aren't the same, hopefully) - Incursion losing the disappearing flag and domination mechanic (basically), reduction of scenario number, cutting flank and radial deployment in 2013, putting the objective burden on the players (which got homogenized in 2013 as well) - I guess they'll put axe at what's obviously a remnant of a more uncontrolled time.
   So long, Outflank, it was nice having you. You heard it here first.

And that's my additional thoughts to everything that has already been said. Thanks for reading, and if you want, share your opinion in the comments.
And until next time, farewell.