Montag, 1. Dezember 2014

Creativitymachine - Fiona the Radiant

So, as follow-up to the last Creativitymachine, I present to you my wife's Warcaster on the gaming table. This homebrew was led in design by two (and a half) ideas: 1) She's got a great distaste of injustice - the prime time to use the phrase " the name of Justice" [that's a Sailor Moon reference - deal with it]; 2) Her nickname's Fiona - so how about an "evil" twin (which by math laws has to be the good one, then)?

If you need to take it, here's the break:

 6   6   6   5   14  16  8   7
HP: 17
Base: Small
WJP: +6

Blade Shield
Empowering Wards - When this model is directly hit by an enemy spell, after the spell is resolved, this model heals d6 HP.
Mercenary - This model will work for Khador, Cygnar, and the Searforge Commission.
Retaliatory Strike
Rhulic Partisan - When this model is fielded under the Searforge Commission contract, it counts as a Rhulic model and gains Rhulic Warcaster.
Thresholds - This model gains +1 STR, MAT and RAT for every Control Point you have more than your opponent*, +1 SPD for every 5 minutes you have more on your Deathclock than your opponent, and +1 DEF, ARM and CMD for every full 4 HP below this model's maximum HP.

Feat: In the name of Justice
Models within this model's CTRL may only move during their normal movement. Enemy models within this model's CTRL lose Eyeless Sight, Incorporeal, Stealth, and any Animi and upkeeps on them immediately expire. Friendly models within this model's CTRL automatically hit enemy models within this model's CTRL. Lasts for one round.

Crusader - P&S 13; Blessed, Magical Weapon, Purgation, Reach
Messenger - Pow 12, Rng 12, Aoe - , RoF 1; Magical Weapon

Inviolable Resolve
Smile - Cost 1, Rng 10; target friendly warrior model immediately makes a normal melee attack.
Solar Burst

*assuming 1:1 games. In other cases, replace this with "the opponent with the next-highest amount" of whatever.

Sample 50pt Army/SFC:
Fiona the Radiant          -6
- Earthbreaker             19
- Grundback Gunner          3
- Grundback Gunner          3
Horgenhold Forgeguard (max) 8
Highshield Guncorps (max)   8
w/ Officer & Standard       3
Tactical Arcanist Corps     4
Ogrun Bokur (Fiona)         3
Gudrun the Wanderer         3
Ogrun Bokur (Gudrun)        3

   Honestly, I have no real idea how this'll work out. It feels fine - the feat draws her forward, kinda, where she's fairly well protectedif camping some between Blade Shield, Retaliatory Strike and Empowering Wards. The Thresholds are Win-More abilities that reward swift and scenario play (something she always wants to achieve). The Rhul Partisan rule basically is just for the lulz and reflects her liking for Gunners and Drillers, but I have a strong feeling that Fiona the Radiant would be much stronger with Four Star or Highborn.
   If we try this out - it would be against Sup.Komm. Marth Fright, most likely, and there'd likely be a video, too.

But until then, farewell.