Dienstag, 6. August 2013

Gangs of Immoren!

This is another idea of mine regarding a campaign system for Warmachine/Hordes. It's based on my old Theatre of War system, but resembles a system that is both stripped down, and spiced up. And modified. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Read for yourself, and enjoy!

(note: I'm open to suggestions/ideas/constructive criticism!)

Gangs of Immoren

General Play:
• Determine participating players. Could be anything from two on upwards. (You'd have to adjust the map sector allocation exemplified later, though) Each of them takes control of a gang fighting over the control of a city.
• Each player chooses a Warcaster that resembles his gang boss. He has to either have two (or more) guns, or a gun with RoF 2+ or any ability granting extra shots (like Multi-Fire, Rapid Fire, Quickwork), or the spell Broadsides.
List of eligible 'Casters:
Cygnar: Caine 1, Caine 2, Kraye, Stryker 2
Khador: Irusk 1, Sorscha 2, Strakhov, Harkevich
Protectorate: Feora 1, [eSevvy]
Retribution: Garryth, Kaelyssa, Ravyn
Mercenaries: Gorten Grundback, Bartolo Montador, Ashlynn D'Elyse
Trollbloods: Grissel 2, Jarl, Grim 1, [Gunbjorn]
Circle: Krueger 2, [Mohsar]
Legion: Lylyth 1, Lylyth 2, Lylyth 3, Vayl 2

• The map is drawn, split into sectors, and those are distributed as equally as possible between the players - preferably by an unbiased third party organiser.
• Each player then chooses one of his sectors to be his HQ.
• Each round, in secret, each player determines the sector his gang is going to attack. Only directly adjacent sectors may be attacked. 
• The players involved play a 1:1 game, SR 2013, point size is a matter of agreement. If attacker wins, he gains control of that zone.
• There are three types of sectors: Residential, Business, and Industrial. A gang's list building is limited by both the number, and type, of sectors it controls. A gang always has access to Warjacks.
• A sector holding an HQ can only be attacked if the attacking gang, at the time of the declaration, controls more sectors than the gang whose HQ is being attacked.
• If an HQ sector is attacked, and the defending gang loses, the attacking player gains control of all sectors that gang controls at the end of the Campaign Round.

Sectors & Listbuilding:
1: Solos
3: FA:3 Infantry
5: FA:2 Infantry
7+: FA:1 Infantry
1: Allies
2: Characters
4: Non-Faction Models
5+: Gang Officer
1: Weapon Crews
3: Battle Engines
4+: Colossals

Explanation/Example: To field a weapon crew, a player must control 5+ Residential sectors and 1+ Industrial sector. To field, f.e., Kayazy Assassins, a player must control 5+ Residential sectors and 1+ Business sector.

Important: If a list a player would field is a Theme Force that increases Field allowance, that becomes relevant here. FA:4(+) and FA:U are treated as FA:3 in regard to necessary sectors. So to field, f.e., a Sons of the Tempest theme force, a player would only have to control three residential sectors when it comes to Arcane Tempest Gunmages.

Gang Officer: If a player controls enough Business sectors to gain this benefit, he may declare two attacks a round, one of which must be fought with a different 'Caster from the same faction, including those in [brackets].

The Security Corp. and winning the game:
• There is a single extra sector that holds the Security Corporation's HQ. It cannot be attacked unless there is only one player left.
• Once there is only a single player left, he attacks the Security Corporate HQ. A final battle, at least 100 points w/ two Casters, is fought. If the gang wins, he wins the campaign. If the Security Corporation wins, order is reinstated, and noone really wins.
• The Corporation can launch attacks, too - namely one per Campaign Round for each HQ that fell to a hostile takeover. (This is a perfect way to keep defeated players playing in the campaign)
• If the Corporation wins a fight, the zone in question ends up uncontrolled, and can be reclaimed by gangs.
In-House Barracks & Factories: The list building restrictions above do not apply to the Security Corporation. (Though it'd fit to field 'Casters that cannot be picked by the gangs) They may also field a different Faction every attack. 
Open the Ground Bridge: The Security Corporation can attack any sector that does not hold an HQ, regardless of distance.
Sample 2-5 Player Sector spread:
1 Security Corporation HQ Sector
15 Residential Sectors
9 Business Sectors
8 Industrial Sectors

As I said, I'm open to suggestion and constructive criticism!