Montag, 8. Juli 2013

Khador 2013 - Part 13 "Feats"

I didn't expect this either.
I must admit, I was at a loss for topics to cover. Warcaster reviews, NSA-style, are only fun for a time. Then you'd want something different to spice things up - and to prove you're a good article writer.

After a long pondering, I thought - why don't we talk about Feats this time? You know, those game-state altering abilities that make you spit a thick stream of bile (Temporal Shift, mostly), make you go "Oh... I didn't expect that to work out so strongly" (Death Harvest or Menoth's Wrath), or just simply flip your battle strategy the freaking bird (Landslide or Web of Shadows).

I'll talk about how I classify/categorise feats, and then we'll take a look at Khador's feats accordingly. This article may end up rather short, because I'm not going to explain how to use each feat best. Also, I'm not attempting to "rank" feats according to the "strength" - this is only about grouping them together based on similarities.

And yes, I am going to make you scrounge through your books or cards again - because I'm not going to say who's feat it is, but actually use the name. ;-)

So, classifying feats, is there actually a way to do that? Obviously, I think there is, otherwise I'd either not be writing this article, or would've set up you up for a rick-roll for no apparent reason. I think there is a very basic differentian of Offense and Defense type feats. Blood Lust probably is the one feat that only classifies as offensive, and, in a damage-output type of way, sets the bar for other spells of that nature. One the other hand, Invincibility most likely is the prime defensive feat - though Clockwork Reinforcement really steps up to that plate as well.

In a nutshell, Offense type feats are classified by purely granting offensive effects (free/longer charges, boosted rolls, such stuff). They also tend to only last one turn. So, feats that help you to actively kill models.
Defense type feats tend to last a round (since they mainly effect the game during your opponent's turn), and grant effects that mainly affect DEF, ARM, or enemy rolls, and stuff. Anything that neuters your opponent's ability to kill your models.

However... where, in this pattern, do stick feats that move models, for example, or do both of the above, or something else entirely? Is Landslide offensive or defensive? It certainly can be applied to achieve either effect. At this point, I'll appeal to introducing a third category: Trickster type feats. These mainly revolve around model movement or granting/denying such abilities, and their respective strength is highly dependent on the current game state, while the former two categories are easier to mathmachine with.
As for combinations of these, I propose Offense & Defense to be labelled Spiked Wall type feats, Offense & Trickster to be called Swashbuckler type feats, and Trickster & Defense to be called Shadow type feats. And I'm betting two can of booze I'll come a feat that feats none of these descriptors, but ah! such is the life of the scientist. For anything that'd fulfill all three conditions, I'll call it S(uper)-Class type feats

So, let's start with the analysis of the Khadoran feat line-up!

• Blood Frenzy             - Offense      
• Blood Legacy             - S-Class      
• Charge of the Horselords - Trickster    
• Desperate Ground         - Spiked Wall  
• Feel the Hate            - Swashbuckler 
• Field of Talons          - Spiked Wall  
• Forced March             - Swashbuckler 
• Hour of the Wolf         - Spiked Wall  
• Howling Wind             - Defense      
• Icy Gaze                 - S-Class      
• Iron Fist                - Swashbuckler 
• Total War                - Swashbuckler 
• Undying Loyalty          - Spiked Wall  
• Winter's Chill           - Offense      

Some explanations may be in order. Total War is considered having a Trickster side effect due to the "may turn" part of the feat, which classifies it as a Swashbuckler. Looking at it's owner's potential for non-conventional play and surprising moves, that is fitting. Field of Talons is a Spiked Wall since, though it may be conditional, this feat can kill people. Iron Fist being a Swashbuckler feat is hardly surprising when you consider Strakhov's play style.
I'm actually surprised at the spread...

Offense:      2
Spiked Wall:  4
Defense:      1
Shadow:       0
Trickster:    1
Swashbuckler: 4

S-Class:      2

For a faction branded as being "slow & high-ARM", that's a weird allotment of feat types. Or a mark of sensible game design. And the evidence that the brand is just wrong (sth. which we all knew...).
Also interesting is the fact that both S-Class feats come from two of the most iconic Khadoran personalities. I do think that those aren't undeserved either, it's hard to wrap your mind around the sheer gaming potential of either freezing everything you can see, or just sending some of your guys into oversoul on all levels.
Some may say that those 'Casters happen to be more under-doggy ones. And they might be right - but it's not due to their feats, but a lot of other states in the game, and releases, too. ;)

And that pretty much concludes my take on feats, and the Khadoran ones in particular. I could go ahead and do those line-ups for other factions as well, but that could take some time. But if you ask nicely enough, I will!

But until then, farewell!