Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

Zombie Swamps, first sketches

Thanks to Bill / Terrainaholic for the inspiration!

• One 25 point army, w/o a Warcaster or mercenaries (trying to 
  leave a undead infested swamp) 
• Count Tzepesci (opposing them)
   • Four Spawning Points. They generate d3+2 (or d6?) Risen 
     during each of the Undead player's control phase. Place them 
     within 2" of their respective spawning point. These models 
     act like solos, unless handled via Mob Mind, below.
   • Four Gallows Groves. When using Count Tzepesci's special 
     abilities, the undead player may use them as points of 
• Four potential points of exit.
• The escaping player wins when 50% or more of his army leave the 
  table, or Count Tzepesci is slain. The undead player wins if 
  those conditions are not met.

• Preferred Terrain: Hills, Water, Forest, the odd ruin.

Special Rules:
Mob Mind: During his maintenance phase, the Undead player may 
  declare any number of risen that are currently solos to be a 
  unit, or add any risen that are currently solos to an already 
  existing unit. When a new unit is formed, one model is 
  designated to be the leader.
Points of Exit: When one or more of the escaping player's 
  models ends their activation within a Point of Exit (a 4" 
  diameter zone?), he rolls 2d6. On a roll of 5 or less, that 
  zone is the exit from the swamp. Any model ending it's 
  activation here may be removed from the table. Each time the 
  player fails a check-roll, deduct another -2 to all subsequent 
They're coming outta the walls!: The undead player keeps track 
  of the number of his models that are destroyed/removed from 
  play. Each time the number exceeds a certain limit, follow the 
  13 - during the Undead player's next control phase, spawning 
       points create Mechanithralls instead of Risen.
  31 - during the Undead player's next control phase, place a 
       full unit of "Revenant Crew of the Atramentous" within 
       Count Tzepesci's CMD.
  51 - during the Undead player's next control phase, each spawing point spawns two black banes ghost raiders
Count Tzepesci
  Stats: as Alexia Ciannor
  Abilities: Death Magic (as Alexia, but works on any undead 
  model), Craft Thrall (as Alexia, but also creates Brute Thralls 
  when targeting Mechanithralls, and Pistol Wraiths when 
  targeting Ghost raiders), Empower Undead (target undead 
  model/unit gains of of the following: Amphibious, Immunity: 
  Fire, Immunity: Cold, Immunity: Electricity, Immunity: 
  Corrosion, +1 to all rolls)

Very rough, possibly imbalanced, but yeah, that could be serious fun? Any ideas? I'll see whether I find somebody weird enough to try it.