Samstag, 6. April 2013

ClogCon Progress

With Team Marth & the Machines currently at ClogCon in Leiden, I guess this post will have to do to cover all our "achievements":

Blood, Sweat, & Tiers (Fri morning)
Marth - 2/2, ends up 6th (Jay, new record! Won two games in a row!)
Arides - 1/3, ends up 14th

Doubles (Fri evening)
Marth & Fiona AKA "Team Beer Kamikaze" - 0/3
(We ended up dead last, but still had fun even due to very bad matchups. First round against Team "No time for love Dr. Jones" (Ossyan/Haley Xp), second round against Team "Think of sth. funny" (Kromac/Rask), and last round against Team "Rocket" (Magnus/Sorscha Xp) - and that will be batrep'ed, since it's a "fight" between Marth & and the Machines and OrsusZoktavir.

Steamroller (Fri evening)
Arides - 0/3, ended up 14th (Turns out: Sleep deprivation and dehydration hamper your play ;-))

Team Tournament (Sat morning)
This actually was the prime reason we came here with Arides (or rather, it was the reason he came along with Fiona and me), however - Fiona was feeling really bad, and sort-of not up to it. Arides and Me were feeling worn out from that amount of gaming (and staying up 20+ hours straight), too. So we, as a team, minding our teammate's condition (and ours, but her's primarily) reached the decision of not participating.

That may seem ironic, but sometimes situations change in a way that you can no longer conduct the original plan. And I think it shows that we learned sth important about being real team.

Hydra (Sat evening)
Marth - 1/2 (Note: Win was a bye. I used the time to play a game against Fiona)
Arides - 0/3
 We were actually expecting a fourth round (probably pairing Arides vs. me), but the TOs decided that, with a clear top three of players, there wouldn't be one.

Steamroller (Sun morning)
Marth - 2/2, ended up 7th
Arides - 2/2, ended up 8th
Fiona - 0/4, ended up last.

So all in all, it was a very fun and exciting experience, and we'll try to repeat it. A brief summary/discussion can be found here: Dice Rage Live Ep. 5