Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013

New Year's-Machine

To celebrate 2013, Arides and I have been cooking up a scenario for the event. Progress is slow but steady:

SR 2012, standard deployment (even though radial deployment is in discussion). Spread across the board are an odd number (say, 5) of objectives (firework stashes), following the regular objectives rules (can't be affected throughout round 1 and all that), with two significant differences: a) the card has two sides, b) any model b2b can activate the objective through doing a special action.

At the start of the game, the objective are in "defused" mode. When activated in that mode, two fuse tokens are placed on the objective and it's flipped to "lit" mode. During each maintenance phase, a fuse token is removed from each "lit" objective. When activated in "lit" mode, the objective is flipped to "defused" mode, and all fuse tokens are removed from the objective.

When the last fuse token is removed from an objective in "lit" mode, all models in b2b suffer a Pow 12 fire damage roll, and the active player gains a control point. The first player to score 3 control points, or with the last caster on the board, wins the game.

Also, some special rules regarding the shooting of fireworks might be in effect, but those aren't really decided on.

So: happy new year, keep up the good gaming, and 'till next time, farewell.

PS.: M&tM will be delayed until further notice, sorry.