Sonntag, 2. September 2012

"The Numbers' Game" - Basic Round Structure

Design on the "Number's game" has slightly proceeded. Not on the title, though - Suggestions highly appreciated! I did, however, pin down the basic structure of a campaign "round".
I don't know whether you anticipated it or not, but I chose to stick with Warmachine's Round structure, even in terms. This is because I think it helpful if the over-arching structure resembles the in-game structure, I guess it creates a feeling of coherency.

A basic campaign round consists of the following phases:
1) Maintenance
2) Control
3) Activation
[Thank you, Kovnik Obvious!]

In the Campaign Round's Maintenance phase, player's gain the sum of their total Economy (modified by a percentage set by the phase of the war) as a straight addition to their pool of points. They also make any necessary checks that will dictate actions in the current round (like those for over-allocated locations).
During the C.R.'s Control phase, they add points to locations up those locations INC(rement) stat and declare any new character presence (referred to as "deploying").
During the C.R.'s Activation phase, the player's take turns activating single locations (giving them orders), and resolve ensuing conflicts, until all locations have been activated. After all locations have been activated, the campaign round ends.

That's all so far,
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