Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2012

A coloured map

Now, with my exams out of the way, I could go ahead and paint! But as it came... I painted something else. Remember what I posted way back about a "numbers game" campaign system for WM?

Well guess what, something like that needs a map. And while the "Brain Map" idea is nice and will find its use, the following is more what I had in mind.

I started out by drawing the map with pencil on paper. I then redrew the final lines with a black ink pen - because that allowed my to properly scan the image. Then, I painstakingly removed the errant dots from the pencil scan in Photoshop. I swear, next time, I'm skipping the pencil lines.
Well, in the final step, with the help of layers, I coloured the whole thing. Admitted, it's a early nineties technicolour colouration, but I deem it fine.

Next thing to make a little icons to represent temples, cities, fortresses, and stuff.

As a little easter egg - that mountain straight south of the lake? It's meant to resemble "the weathertop", which was the name of the region I let my first campaign system playtest happen in.

C&C welcome!