Samstag, 3. September 2011

"The Foundry" - WM SR-Tournament in Koblenz

Hey guys, I just came back from a SR-tournament held in Koblenz. It was 35 points, 45-min shotclock (i.e. you lose when out of time), with 6 players total. The split among factions was Khador *2, Protectorate *2, Searforge Committee and Skorne. Scenarios where, in order of play, Overrun, Destruction and Killbox. Assassination victory was NO win condition except for Killbox.

First round I face the player who'd eventually win the tournament - Protectorate, pSevvy with double Reckoner, Avatar, double Vassal, Mechanic, min Choir, min Exemplar Errants w/ UA. I chose my Zerkova Hunting Wolves list. I eventually lost the game due to being clocked, but boy, what a grindfest. I scored 30 VP, and my opponent 32. Let that speak for itself!

Second round I face the player who'd eventually place last - Searforge, Madhammer with double Gunbunny, Driller, Basher, Thor Steinhammer with Avalancher, Horgenhold Artillery Corps, High Shield Gun Corps w/ UA. I chose E-Vlad. I feat Round 2 to drop objective #1 and run dudes up to engage the dwarves. Next round, Vlad chooses to charge Madhammer and drops him on the second swing with triple sixes. It was easy game after that (as is to be expected...) I score 31.5 VPs, my opponent none. (In his defense, these were his first MkII games. Not the most promising set up to begin with...)

Third round I face the other Khador player. It's pVlad vs. eVlad, and I think Killbox should be renamed into "The Coffin," but that's just me, I guess. He's got the Behemoth, Drago, full democorps, and widowmakers. Yuri kills about three democorps with thresher early, I run Kayazy up, the Drakhun to flank, and stuff. A lucky mortar shot from him kills my dog and Madelyn, and the Manhunters are shot down by widowmakers. But Vlad is still just behind a linear obstacle, so I trample my Marauder up (the juggernaut has manly taken Drago's charge), Vlad charges him, feats, and three Kayazy grunts and the Drakhun go into Oversoul. They all can reach Vlad, but it only takes three Kayazy (with some good rolls) to take him out. I score 9.5 Vps, my opponent 10. :D

And with 72 VPs, I win the tiebreaker and thusly place third!

My lists, for completeness' sake:

#1 Hunting Wolves Tier 4
Koldun Kommander Alexandra Zerkova
+ Spriggan
+ Marauder
+ Vanguard
Greylord Ternion
Kayazy Assassins (min)
+ Underboss
Kayazy Eliminators
Koldun Lord
Gorman di Wulfe

#2 "Fate Breakers"
Vladimir Tzepesci, the Dark Champion
+ Marauder
+ Juggernaut
Kayazy Assassins (min)
+ Underboss
War Dog
MOW Drakhun (w/ dismount)
Yuri the Axe
Madelyn Corbeau

Learning Curve:
• Madelyn kicks in less if I'm going first.
• Zerkova v. pSevvy - tough matchup. A less competitive Protectorate list, and I might've made it.
• I need more practice with the Zerkova tier.